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Инструкция по эксплуатации Philips, модель SC2001/00

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10 Never use the appliance if you have an unsuitable skin and/or hair colour, i.e.: 11 Never use the appliance if you suffer from any of the diseases listed below, i.e.: 11 Never use the appliance if you take any of the medications listed below, i.e.: 11 Never use the appliance on the following areas: 11 Never use the appliance on sunburnt, recently tanned (last 48 hours) or fake-tanned skin: 12 Electromagnetic fields (EMF) 12 Charging 12 Preparing for use 13 Preparing treatment areas 13 Setting the light intensity 13 Recommended light intensities (1-5) 14 Impor tant 14 Tanning advice 14 Using the appliance 15 First use and skin test 15 Subsequent use 16 Guidelines for treatment 18 Average treatment time 18 Using the appliance on the legs 18 Using the appliance in the bikini area 19 Using the appliance on the underarms 19 How to achieve optimal results 19 Maintenance phase 19 Possible side effects and skin reactions 19 After use 20 Cleaning and maintenance 20 EngliSh Storage 21 Replacement 21 Replacement par ts 21 Environment 22 Removing the rechargeable batteries 22 Guarantee and ser vice 23 Technical specifications 23 Troubleshooting 24 introduction Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to Philips! To fully benefit from the suppor t that Philips offers, register your product at com/lumea. Light-based hair removal is one of the most effective methods to treat unwanted body hair with longer-lasting results. It is different from current home hair removal methods because it significantly reduces hair regrowth. Philips has been investigating this method together with leading dermatologists for over 10 years.You can now use this innovative technology comfor tably in the privacy of your own home, whenever and wherever you want. This appliance has been specifically designed and optimised for use by women, but can be used by men as well. It is intended for removing body hair on areas mentioned below: -Underarms -Arms -Stomach -Bikini area -Legs Do not use Philips Lumea on the face. Philips Lumea is designed for use by one person only. For more information about Philips Lumea, see Check our homepage regularly for updates. Benefits This appliance provides the following benefits: intense Pulsed light (iPl) technology for home use Philips Lumea uses a light-based technology called ‘Intense Pulsed Light’ (IPL). IPL is also used in the professional beauty market for hair removal and has been in use for the last fifteen years. Philips Lumea now brings this innovative technology to the comfor t of your home. Effective hair regrowth prevention for everyday smoothness This method provides you with long-lasting hair regrowth prevention and silky-smooth skin. Our studies have shown a significant hair reduction already after two treatments. Optimal results were generally achieved after four to five treatments. A reduction in hair density is visible from treatment to treatment. How fast the effect becomes visible and how long the results last varies from person to person. For more information, see section ‘How to achieve optimal results’ in chapter ‘Using the appliance’. EngliSh gentle treatment, even on sensitive body areas Philips Lumea has been developed in close cooperation with leading dermatologists for an effective and gentle treatment, even on the most sensitive body areas. Cordless operation for maximum freedom and flexibility Because the appliance runs on rechargeable batteries, it is por table and can be used anywhere. lamp does not require replacement Philips Lumea is equipped with a high performance lamp which does not require replacement.This lamp can generate over 80,000 flashes and should enable you to continuously maintain results for more than 5 years* while saving money on expensive replacement lamps. *Based on average usage scenario and recommended treatment regime for one user. how Philips’ intense Pulsed light technology works hair growth Hair growth rates differ from person to person, depending on age, metabolism and other factors. However, ever yone’s hair normally grows in 3 phases. 1 Growing phase (anagen phase) The hair grows actively from the root. In this phase the concentration of melanin is highest. Melanin is responsible for the pigmentation of the hair. Melanin concentration is also the determining factor for the efficacy of this method. Only hairs in the growing phase are susceptible to treatment with light. 2 Degradation phase (catagen phase) Hair growth stops and the root shrinks before the hair sheds. 3 Resting phase (telogen phase) The old hair separates from its hair follicle and sheds.The follicle remains at rest until the biological clock tells it to become active again and grow a new hair. Working principle The appliance works by heating up the hair and root beneath the skin. The melanin in the hair and hair root absorbs the released light pulses.The darker the colour of the hair, the more light can be absorbed.This process stimulates the hair ...

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