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Инструкция по эксплуатации Soleus Air, модель HM5-15R-32

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If this occurs, try inserting the plug into a different outlet. Contact a qualified electrician to inspect the original outlet for damage. IN THE BOX • MICATHERMIC HEATER • REMOTE CONTROL • REMOTE CONTROL BATTERY • INSTRUCTION BOOKLET • 4 -LEGS • 4 -WHEELS • 4 -RUBBER FEET • 4 -WHEEL SCREWS • 4 -SMALL BLACK SPRING WASHERS • 4 -SMALL GREY WASHERS PRODUCT DIAGRAM CARRY HANDLE DIGITAL DISPLAY CONTROL PANEL LEGS WHEELS ASSEMBLY TOOLS NEEDED: Phillips Head Screwdriver This heater requires assembly of the LEGS and WHEELS only. There are 3 ways to assemble the LEGS and WHEELS of the heater. The first way is to used both the LEGS and WHEELS. Assembling the heater in this manner will allow the heater to be rolled using the supplied wheels. The second assembly method uses the LEGS only, and the third method uses small RUBBER FEET (included) instead of the LEGS and WHEELS. Using the LEGS and WHEELS assembly, or LEGS only assembly will result in more stability and less chance of the heater possibly tipping over. LEGS and WHEELS assembly 1. Attach the WHEELS to the LEGS using the supplied WHEEL SCREWS and WASHERS. 2. Place the WHEEL SCREW inside the wheel (see Figure A below). The screw head should be placed between the WHEELS. The threads of the screw will show through the top of the WHEEL. 3. Place the SMALL BLACK SPRING WASHER over the thread of the screw and on top of the wheel. 4. Place the SMALL GREY WASHER over the thread of the screw and on top of the SMALL BLACK WASHER. 5. Tighten the screw to attach the WHEEL to the LEG. Repeat this process for the other WHEELS and LEGS. 6. After assembling the WHEELS and LEGS is complete, simply place the LEGS over the 4 LEG MOUNTS on the bottom of the heater. Once the LEGS are snapped in, assembly is complete. LEGS only assembly 1. Place the LEGS over the 4 LEG MOUNTS on the bottom of the heater. Once the LEGS are snapped in assembly is complete. Rubber Stopper assembly 1. Place each of the 4 RUBBER FEET on the bottom of the 4 LEG MOUNTS. 2. Each RUBBER FOOT has a connector that must be placed inside the small hole on the bottom of the LEG MOUNTS. 3. Assembly is complete once the RUBBER FEET are firmly attached to the LEG MOUNTS. FIGURE A WHEEL SCREW WHEEL SMALL BLACK SPRING WASHER SMALL GREY WASHER LEG OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS CONTROL PANEL & REMOTE OPERATION 1. Place the heater on a firm, level surface and plug into a grounded 120V 60Hz power outlet. Only operate heater in upright position with caster wheels attached. 2. Turn the heater on by pressing the On/Off button on the control panel or the supplied remote control. 3. Select a heat setting: On the control panel, press the MODE button to toggle between the two heat settings; LOW (750W) and HIGH (1500W) . When using the remote control press either HIGH or LOW buttons to select the preferred power setting. 4. Adjust the thermostat by pressing the arrows on the control panel or remote control. The digital readout will display the selected temperature. 5. Once you have chosen the desired temperature, the heater will remain on until the room temperature increases to the temperature on the digital display. The heater will cycle on and off to maintain the desired room temperature. 6. This heater is equipped with a 12-hour automatic shut-off timer. To activate the timer, press the TIMER button on the control panel or remote control. Each press of the timer button will increase the heater oper- ating time by one hour. The digital readout will display the number of hours you have selected. To turn off the timer, simply press the TIMER button until the digital readout displays your current selected temperature. 7. The indication lights on the control panel communicate how the product is operating. The POWER light will turn-on when the unit is operating. The TIMER light will turn on when the timer has been activated. 8. Unplug the heater when not in use. Temperature & Timer Display Indication Lights Receiver for Remote Control Timer Select Button Temperature Select Buttons Mode Select Button On/Off Button (Power) OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS (CONTINUED) OPTIMAL OPERATING CONDITIONS To get the most out of your Soleus Air Micathermic heater, follow these helpful hints: 1. All electric heaters are limited to maximum of 1500 watts (per UL and ETL requirements). Due to this limitation all electric heaters can heat approximately 150 square feet. Micathermic heaters fit in this category, but they are able to provide a more comfortable and consistent heat than other heating technologies. 2. For optimal performance, place the heater in a room and close all windows and doors. This will confine the heat to the area that needs it most. 3. To save energy and in turn save money in the winter, place the heater in a room or area that needs extra heat instead of raising the thermostat on your central heating system. This heater will function very well as an additional heating source and can easily maintain the temperature in most rooms and attached bathr...

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