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Инструкция по эксплуатации Listen Technologies, модель LR-300

Производитель: Listen Technologies
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That’s why we independently certify them to the highest quality standards and back them with a limited lifetime guarantee. We stand ready to answer any questions you might have during installation or in the operation of our products. Should you experience any problems whatsoever with your Listen products, we are ready to help you in any way we can with prompt, efficient customer care. Because at Listen, it’s all about you! And should you have any comments on how we might improve our products or our service, we’re here to listen. Here’s how to reach us: +1.801.233.8992 +1.800.330.0891 North America +1.801.233.8995 fax support@listentech.com Thank you and enjoy your listening experience! Best regards, Russell Gentner and the Listen Team • In the few instances where repairs were needed, 99% of all clients indicated that they were happy with repair turn-around-times and 85% of the time, clients were without their product for less than 10 days! • Overall client satisfaction of working with Listen was rated 4.8 out of 5. • “ Please continue with your excellent attitude toward customer satisfaction. You guys are great!” • “I’ve never had such good service from any company. Keep up the good work!” • “You stand behind your product wonderfully.” Assistive Listening • Language Interpretation • Soundfield • Tour Group • Conferencing Receivers Table of Contents Supplementary Information 44 Channel Selection 44 Listen SQ™ 45 RF Reception Maximization Strategies 46 72 MHz Frequency Compatibility Table 47 216 MHz Frequency Compatibility Table 48 Troubleshooting 49 Compliance Notice 51 FCC Statement 51 Warranty 52 Contacting Listen 52 Optional Accessories 53 Table LR-400 LR-300 LR-500 Information LR-500 Table of Contents Package Contents 6 Architectural Specifications 7 Specifications 7 Quick Reference 7 Setup Instructions 9 Operation Instructions 11 Programming Instructions 13 Squelch Information 14 Squelch Programming 14 Charging Batteries 15 Wall Transformer Operation 16 LR-500 5 LR-500 Package Contents LR-500 LR-500 Contents • LR-500 Portable Programmable Display FM Receiver (72 MHz, 216 MHz) Listen Part Number •LR-500-072 (72 MHz) •LR-500-216 (216 MHz) 6 LR-500 Specifications Architectural Specifi cations The FM reciever shall be capable of receiving on 57 wide and narrow band channels with a SNR of 80dB or greater. The receiver shall be programmable to electronically lock out unneeded channels. The receiver shall be capable of seeking channels. The device shall have an adjustable squelch. The device shall have an audio frequency response of 63 Hz to 15 KHz, ± 3dB at 72 MHz, or 63 Hz to 10 KHz, ±3dB at 216 MHz. The device will incorporate a stereo headset jack that allows the user to plug in either a mono or stereo headset. The device shall incorporate an LCD display that indicates channel, channel lock or lock status, battery level, battery charging, and RF signal strength. The receiver shall incorporate automatic battery charging circuitry for recharging of NiMH batteries. The Listen LR-500 is specified. Specifi cations RF Antenna Antenna Connector Squelch Compliance Specification RF Frequency Range Number of Channels Sensitivity Frequency Accuracy LR-500-072 72.025-75.950 MHz 57 (17 wide, 40 narrow) .6uV typical, 1 uV maximum for 12dB SINAD ± .005% stability 32 to 122. F (0 to 50. C) Uses earphone cable 3.5 mm connector LR-500-216 216.025-216.975 MHz 57 (19 wide, 38 narrow) Audio System Signal to Noise Ratio (A-weighted) System Frequency Response SQ™ enabled: 80dB; SQ™ disabled: 60dB Programmable in 20 steps FCC Part 15, Industry Canada ** All system specifications are wireless end-to-end 63 Hz-15 Hz (±3dB) 63 Hz-10 kHz (±3dB) < 2% total harmonic distortion (THD) at 80% deviation SQ™ enabled: 80dB; SQ™ disabled: 50dB Output System Distortion 3.5 mm connectors, unbalanced, 0dBu nomial output level, 16mW maximum, impedance 32 Ohms Controls Set Up Controls Programmable channel selection (see below), alkaline/NiMH batteries and squelch, SQ™ enable/disable User Controls Volume, channel UP/DOWN/SEEK. All controls except volume are electronically lockable Programming Unit can be programmed so that only desired channels are displayed. Squelch can be adjusted for sensitivity and signal capture control. Channel selection can be locked by holding the SEEK button for 5 seconds. Indicators LCD Display Indicates channel, RF signal strength, lock status, squelch, battery power level and channel programming LED Battery Type Battery Life (Listen batteries) Red, illuminates when unit is on. Flashes when batteries are low. Flashes when charging. Flashes when locked and user attempts to seek to another channel. Two AA batteries, alkaline or NiMH 30 hours alkaline (LA-361), 15 hours NiMH rechargeable (LA-362) Power Power Supply Connector Battery Charging (NiMH only) Compliance UL Listed 2.3 mm OD by 0.7 mm ID, barrel type connector. 7.5VDC, center positive <250mA. Drop in contact points for use with Listen charging ca...

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