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Инструкция по эксплуатации Porsche, модель 9100

Производитель: Porsche
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Porsche. He had a distinctive vision of good design-Engineered. Purposeful. Bold. Inspiring. Having created the Porsche 911 and the Porsche 904 in the early 1960’s. Prof. F.A. Porsche launched Porsche Design in 1972. Since then, very special everyday objects have come to life at the Porsche Design Studio. “If you consider an object’s function you may intuitively find its form.” Professor Ferdi nand Alexander Porsche Eton Corporation At Eton, we understand the information truly is power. Our mission is to empower the world through direct access to news, information, and entertainment. No matter wherein the world our customers are, Eton radios keep them up-to-date and well-informed. Our products are made to fit your lifestyle. Whether you are out on your boat, camp ing with your friends, lounging at the beach or snowboarding in the Sierras, Eton has a radio for you. You can listen to radio stations from around the world, tune into the weather forecast, play MP3’s, and even get satellite radio stations. At Eton, we understand that radio is a powerful, global medium. Wherever you are, our products are right there with you. So tap into the airwaves and hear us now. porsche design audio .9120 P.9121 - North America XM/PLL [Silver] Dock for iPod/XM Ready/AM/FM/ Shortwave/RDS [Radio Data System] P.9122 - Europe DAB [Black] Dock for iPod/DAB/FM/RDS [Radio Data System] P.9123 - United Kingdom DAB [Black] Dock for iPod/DAB/FM/RDS [Radio Data System] P.9124 - Germany DAB [Black] Dock for iPod/DAB/FM/RDS [Radio Data System] P.9125 - Japan PLL [Silver] Dock for iPod/AM/FM/Shortwave/RDS [Radio Data System] P.9127 - Europe PLL [Silver] Dock for iPod/AM/FM/Shortwave/RDS [Radio Data System] P.9128 - Germany PLL [Silver] Dock for iPod/AM/FM/Shortwave/RDS [Radio Data System] Double Wall Construction for Superior Acoustics Dock for iPod Volume Knob [iPod not included] Preset/Tuning Knob Control Knob Metal Craft Remote Control – High-Performance AM/FM/Shortwave/XM Satellite Ready Radio with separate made for iPod dock – Body extruded from high-quality aluminum – Double wall construction for superior acoustics – Geometric acrylic block is seamlessly fused to the metal housing in a modern design – OLED alphanumeric display with channel save button – Metal remote control with torch – 12/24 hour clock – Alarm battery backup [4xAA batteries not included] – Three 1.5” full-range drivers provide well-balanced, crystal-clear, and realistic fidelity experience – 3” active subwoofer provides bone-rattling bass and incredible clarity – Subwoofer amplifier power: 15W RMS – Subwoofer driver frequency response: 87Hz — 2.5KHz – Sub port solution provides superior bass response, ventilation and breathing – Rubberized black paint on the speaker grill for unique texture, appearance and durability – Ventilation system ensures sufficient cool air circulation and exhausting of heat – Memory presets: 10 AM/ 10 FM / 20 XM / 10 SW – Manual tuning – Rear panel connector layout 1. Removable telescopic AM/FM/Shortwave aerial antenna [coax cable compatible] 2. Jack for AM loop antenna 3. Satellite connection for XM radio antenna [not included] 4. DC in jack is used to connect the external power adapter [13.5V DC 3A, included] 5. 9 pin S-type connector for iPod dock 6. 3.5mm stereo headphone jack 7. 3.5mm aux in stereo jack for external analogue audio input 8. 3.5mm line out stereo jack – Power source: [100-240VAC, 50/60Hz ] AC adapter with output of 13.5 V DC 3A – Dimensions: 5.25” x 5.55” x 9.02” and 130mm x 141mm x 229mm [WxHxD] – Weight: 6.17 lbs and 2.8kg – Accessories: owner’s manual, warranty card, detachable external power adapter, dock for iPod, remote control, AM loop antenna, double antenna tool Some say it’s enough for a radio to sound good - we think it takes more than that. The Porsche Design P.9120 by Eton captures the essence of what made Porsche Design legendary: a clean, linear shape. A design that is engineered. A form that reflects functionality. Its audio performance stays true to the Eton name - presenting a new generation of radios. Multi band radio reception is projected through three full range speakers and a powerful subwoofer. porsche design audio .9120 Table Top Stereo System with Dock for iPod/XM Ready/AM/FM/Shortwave/RDS [Radio Data System] porsche design audio Volume Knob Tuning Knob Channel Knob .9110 P.9111 - North America PLL Emergency Crank Radio with AM/FM/ Shortwave P.9112 - Europe PLL Emergency Crank Radio with AM/FM/ Shortwave P.9113 - United kingdom PLL Emergency Crank Radio with AM/FM/ Shortwave P.9114 - Germany PLL Emergency Crank Radio with AM/FM/ Shortwave P.9115 - Japan PLL Emergency Crank Radio with AM/FM/ Hand Crank Shortwave Speaker porsche design audio .9110 Emergency Crank Radio with AM/FM/Shortwave Forged from metal with precision knurled knobs and handles, the Porsche Design P.9110 by Eton redefines crank radios. Providing the freedom to be independent, but connected wherever you go, the unit utilizes dual...

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