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Инструкция по эксплуатации Louisville Tin and Stove, модель W502F W255F

Производитель: Louisville Tin and Stove
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Each opening shall have a minimum free area of one square inch per 1,000 btu per hour of the total input rating of all gas appliances in the confined space, but not less than 100 square inches. One of the openings shall be within 12 inches of the ceiling and one within 12 inches of the floor. See Figure A. If the home is of unusually tight construction (new and remodeled homes), free air must be supplied through opening(s) to the outdoors. This can be accomplished by providing 2 permanent openings, one commencing within 12 inches of the ceiling and one within 12 inches of the floor. These openings shall communicate directly with the outdoors, or spaces that communicate freely with the outdoors, such as a ventilated attic and crawl space through galvanized or equivalent corrosion-resistant ducts. Exception: unobstructed stud and joist spaces are acceptable ducts provided that not more than one fire block is removed. Special provisions must be taken to insure that these stud and joist spaces cannot be blocked with insulation or other objects. Each of these openings using vertical ducts shall have a minimum free area of one square inch per 4,000 btu/hr of total input rating of all gas appliances. See Figure B and C. If horizontal ducts are used, the minimum free area shall be one square inch per 2,000 btu/hr of total input rating of all gas appliances. Fresh make-up air can also be provided through a duct to one permanent opening commencing within 12 inches of the ceiling. The minimum free area of this opening shall be one square inch per 3,000 btu/hr of the total input rating of all gas appliances but not less than the sum of the areas of all vent connectors in the space. See Figure D. When calculating the amount of fresh air needed you must include make-up air requirements for the operation of exhaust fans, kitchen ventilation systems, clothes dryers, and fireplaces. Additional information can be found in the latest edition of ANSI Z223.1 (National Fuel Gas Code). ALL COMBUSTION AIR FROM ADJACENT INDOOR SPACES THROUGH INDOOR COMBUSTION AIR OPENINGS FIGURE A ALL COMBUSTION AIR FROM OUTDOORS. INLET AIR FROM VENTILATED CRAWL SPACE AND OUTLET AIR TO VENTILATED ATTIC. UL Listed Vent Cap UL Listed Gas Vent Ventilation Louvers (each end of attic) Outlet Air Inlet Air Ventilation louvers for unheated crawl space FIGURE B FIGURE D Page 4 UL Listed Vent Cap UL Listed Gas Vent Opening Opening USING ADJACENT STUD SPACE FOR ALL COMBUSTION AIR FROM OUTSIDE HOLES CONNECTING TO VENTILATED ATTIC FLOOR CEILING PLATE AIR GRILLE PLATE HOLES CONNECTING TO VENTILATED CRAWL SPACE BASED ON 4,000 BTU OF TOTAL INPUT RATING OF ALL GAS APPLIANCES, THE HEATER ONLY REQUIRES A MINIMUM FREE AREA OF: SQUARE HOLE SQUARE BTU IN. SIZE = IN. 25,000 6.25 1” .785 35,000 8.75 1.5” 1.76 50,000 12.50 2” 3.14 VENTING This appliance must be properly connected to a venting system. Consult local ordinances governing venting. Install only UL listed type BW 4” oval gas vent. When the vent enters the attic, a listed type B-1 round flue pipe may be used. See Figure 2, Page 7. Vent pipe must connect to the wall furnace header plate with a “B” vent base plate and terminate with a cap at a point at least 12 foot above the bottom of the wall furnace, two feet above any obstacle within a 10 foot radius, and at least 3 foot above the roof. Provisions must be made for adequate combustion and ventilation air. This appliance is equipped with a manual reset blocked flue switch designed to protect against a blocked flue condition, which would cause combustion products to spill back into the living quarters. NOTE: A partially blocked, inadequate, or disconnected vent system may not activate the switch. Discoloration of the grille is an indication of a bad vent. If this occurs, the vent can be checked by a qualified serviceman using a draft gauge. After 15 minutes the gauge should read between -.02 up to -.04 inches w.c. Vent must be checked at the beginning of each heating season. The switch when activated on a bulb control burner will extinguish the pilot flame, on a thermostat controlled burner, the thermostat circuit will be broken, turning off the main burner flame. Before the heater can be relit, the reset button must be activated. See Figure B for location of the manual reset blocked flue switch. To reset the switch, insert a slender rigid object (i.e. screwdriver) through the front panel louvers and push the reset button down. See Figure B-1. However, you may have to remove the front panel, then reset the switch and reinstall the front panel to relight heater. If homeowner experiences this problem, the vent system must be checked and corrected. NOTE: A pre-existing vent that has worked for years may not be adequate for todays design because of higher efficiency requirements that result in lower stack temperatures. See “Possible Causes and Corrective Action” on Page 16. All type “B” vents shall extend in a generally vertical direction with offsets not exceeding 4...

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