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Инструкция по эксплуатации Carrier, модель ZONE-MIZER 48MA

Производитель: Carrier
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Ipiilöxüi fsluöl, iio® © Carrier Corporation 1982 Form 48MA/50ME-3P No hot decks. . .no cold decks. . . no zoning dampers. . .no energy waste! It’s what you don’t get with Carrier’s Zone-Mizer Modular Multizone unit that sets it apart from all the others. You don’t get hot decks or cold decks because the Carrier design gives each zone module its own cooling coil and heating section. Each zone module operates independently. One unit can heat, cool, dehumidify, reheat, and ventilate up to 12 different zones simultaneously. All this means real energy savings. . .there’s no wasteful duplication of effort as in hot deck/cold deck units. For still more energy savings, Zone-Mizer provides up to 3 steps of electric heat or gas heat with an intermittent pilot ignition in every zone. Something else you don’t get. . . zoning dampers. Since the Carrier design doesn’t have hot and cold decks, it doesn’t need zoning dampers. By eliminating them from the picture, you eliminate the adjustments, service, and operating problems that go along with zoning dampers. Five sizes, offering capacities to 37 tons, provide equipment flexibility and economy. One large unit may serve where 2 units were required before; or units of different sizes may be mix/ matched to deliver the heating/cooling capacity required in a specific application. And the choice of gas, electric or hot water/glycol coils allows you to select a unit that can deliver maximum operating economy and convenience by taking advantage of an already available heating plant or favorable area fuel rates. When specifying a multizone unit, choose the one that makes a point of doing something about installation problems. . .the Carrier Zone-Mizer Modular Multizone. It’s a sturdy, one-piece unit — factory-wired, piped, and charged. It arrives ready to be set in place on the specially designed roof curb. Make the power and control connections and that’s it. Initial adjustments are trouble free — you won’t even need a factory engineer at startup. The total package carries the UL label or is design certified by AGA. 1 Etched solid copper circuit panels have interchangeable plug-in relays to minimize parts stocking Circuit breakers that may be used as disconnect switches, terminal boards to simplify installation of accessories, a control circuit shutoff switch and 24-volt controls are all standard. Motorized outdoor air inlet damper — A simple rheostat adjustment on the unit (or on the optional remote control panel) sets the damper to control the amount of outdoor air admitted. 3 Fused 115-volt convenience outlet in the control box provides power at the unit for work lights and small power tools. 4 Motormaster® solid-state condenser fan speed control permits year-round operation of refrigeration system down to -20 F ambient. 5 Dependable cooling — Each serviceable hermetic compressor system has cylinder unloaders for capacity control and electric power savings. Crankcase heaters, accumulators, filter driers and low-ambient starting controls are also standard. Time Guard® electrical circuit prevents rapid cycling of the compressor if occupant tampers with the thermostat. Compressor cannot short-cycle on a safety device, such as the low-pressure switch, should someone forget to clean the air filters. Capacity control permits a wide operating range. During light loads the compressor automatically unloads to reduce operating costs and maintain steady compressor operation. When the load drops below the minimum unloader stage, the hot gas bypass control provides continuous cooling operation. Built-in safety controls prevent damage to unit components. Included are high- and low-pressure switches, overtemperature limit switches and overload protection for all motors. 6 Polyurethane foam sandwich access panels are of Weather Armor galvanneal steel. Their thermal resistance prevents sweating at outdoor conditions up to 77 F dew point And they are strong enough to support a 250-pound man. / Rugged extruded aluminum frames and protective grilles provide strength and good looks. Unit will not sag during rigging. Low silhouette — The cabinet has no vents or hoods to break up the clean appearance. The curb-mounted unit seldom requires a parapet to hide it from street level view. B Humidry® coil — This separate cooling coil dehumidifies the outdoor air before it is mixed with the return air to prevent high indoor relative humidities in humid weather and during partial load operation. 5 Large filter area — Over 41 square feet of standard filter area is factory supplied. Filter tracks will accept one-in. or 2-in., high- or low-velocity, permanent or throwaway, standard or high-efficiency filters. 10 Electric heater section (50ME) — Each zone module has its own 2- or 3-stage electric heater assembly or hot water/glycol heating coil. Electric heaters have 24-volt relays and 115-volt contactors. Each heating element has circuit breakers and automatic thermal reset. Each leg has...

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