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Инструкция по эксплуатации AEG, модель WSP 2010

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Therefore no inflammable, ignitable or heat insulating objects or materials such as washing, blankets, newspapers, containers of floor wax or petrol, aerosol cans and similar may be placed on or in the immediate vicinity of the heater. Washing must never be hung over the heater to dry. Danger of catching fire! • The following minimum distances must be kept from the heater by all kinds of objects, e.g. furniture, curtains and textiles or other flammable and non-flammable materials especially from the air outlet grid (fig. 2): to the air outlet grille => from the right side wall (for installation clearance) => from the left side wall => from the left side wall with two storage heaters next to one another => from the cover (e. g. window ledge) => from the cover (curtains, inflammable materials) => The hot air must be able to discharge unhindered (fig. 19)! • The label enclosed with these operating and installation instructions "Do not place objects on or lean them against the heater" must be affixed well visibly on the top of the heater in commercially used rooms such as hotels, holiday homes, schools etc. 1.4 Care and Maintenance If slight brown discoloration of the unit housing should occur, this should be rubbed off immediately with a soft cloth. The device should be cleaned cold with normal cleaners. Abrasive and aggressive cleaners should be avoided. Do not spray cleaning spray into the air vents. The ventilation duct behind the air outlet grille (5) should be checked by a specialist every two years. Slight dirt deposits may accumulate here. We recommend that you have the inspection and control elements checked during regular maintenance. Safety, inspection and control elements as well as the entire charging and discharge control system should be checked by a specialist 10 years after first commissioning at the latest. \ 1.4.1 Cleaning the Fluff Screen (fig. 3) The fluff screen (7) located in the air inlet grille (6) must be cleaned regularly, so that fault-free discharging of the storage heater is guaranteed. The fans switch off when the fluff screen is blocked. Proceed as follows to clean the fluff screen. - Press the air inlet grille (6) down slightly on both sides, tip forward at the front and remove; - Press the fluff screen out of the grille with a screwdriver for example and clean with a brush, vacuum cleaner or similar; Replace the fluff screen in the grille and snap in the lugs. - Place the air inlet grille at an angle on the lugs in the unit base and snap in under the air outlet grille by pressing lightly (fig. 16). 500 mm 100 mm 70 mm 100 mm 40 mm 100 mm For the User and Fitter 1.5 Important Note & Keep these instructions in a safe place, pass on to the new owner in case of a change of ownership. Make them available to the specialist in the case of repair work. What to do when the storage heater does not get hot the storage heater housing should get extraordinarily hot even in mild weather For the User Check whether... ... the selector knob is set to position 3. ... the corresponding fuses in your fuse box are defective or the FI switch has switched off. Eliminate the cause! If the following day the storage heaters have still not heated up, call a specialist. Check whether... ... the fan can be switched on with the room temperature regulator. If not, call a specialist ... the fluff screen in the air inlet grille is blocked. Eliminate cause as described in section 1.4.1! For the specialist Check whether... ... the control of the heating element contactor is OK. ... there is a voltage at terminals L1/L2/L3. ... whether the safety temperature limiter (F1) has triggered. "CLIC" Check whether... ... the room temperature regulator has switched on and voltage is applied at terminal LE. ... the fans are turning. ... the safety temperature regulator "(N5, see page 3, fig. 1) in the air outlet has switched off. ... the control signal Z1 of the charging control unit is applied at terminal A1/Z1 in the storage heater. ch c 23 For the Fitter 2. Installation Instructions 2.1 Technical Data 245 30 О о 650 The unit must be installed and connected by a specialist under consideration of these installation instructions. WSP 2010 WSP 3010 WSP 4010 WSP 5010 WSP 6010 WSP 7010 Width "B" mm 605 780 955 1130 1305 1480 Weight (with storage blocks) kg 118 169 220 271 322 373 Distance "X" mm 415 590 765 940 1115 1290 Connection * 3/N/PE - 50 Hz 400 V Power kW 2.0 3,0 4.0 5.0 6.0 7.0 Reference charging kWh 16.0 24.0 32.0 40.0 48.0 56.0 max. charging PH kWh 17.0 25.5 35.0 42.0 51.0 61.5 Storage blocks Number of packages (blocks) pcs. 6(12) 9 (18) 12 (24) 15 (30) 18 (36) 21 (42) Block weight kg 85 128 170 213 256 298 Control resistance кП 2.78 2.78 2.78 2.78 2.78 2.78 Supplementary heati...

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