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Инструкция по эксплуатации United States Stove, модель HOTBLAST 1200G

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Assemble the feed door handle and the ash door handle as shown in Figure 8. Install the latches as shown in Figure 9. 1. 2. 3. FIG. 8 FIG. 9 BLOWER & COMPONENT ASSEMBLY - FIG. 10 BLOWER & COMPONENT ASSEMBLY - FIG. 10 1. Attach the Honeywell Limit Control to the bracket as shown below, using (2) of the #12 x 3/4" Tek Screws provided in the parts bag. 2. Attach the 2x4 Junction Box to the bracket. Use (2) of the #12 x 3/4" Tek Screws provided. Also, attach the flexible conduit from the Limit Control to the junction box using one of the Romax Conduit fitting and red anti-short bushing provided in the parts bag. 3. Unbox the blower and attach to the unit by sliding the flange on the blower between the cabinet back and the unit bottom. 4. Now attach the blower to the unit by lining up the two holes and mounting blower with (2) 1/4-20 x 3/4" screws. 5. Attach the conduit from the blower to the junction box using one of the Romax Conduit fitting and red anti-short bushing. 6. Run the wires from the house supply into the junction box. Use the Romax Cable Clamp and red anti- short bushing provided. 7. Wire the components as shown in the wiring diagram on page 12. 8. Replace junction box cover. JUNCTION BOX MOUNTING BRACKET 4 5 LIMIT CONTROL MOUNTING BRACKET 3 2 1 CONDUIT CONDUIT TWISTS INTO MOTOR HOUSING •DRAWINGS FOR ILLUSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY• MODEL 1200Q WIRING DIAGRAM -FIG. 11 MODEL 1200Q WIRING DIAGRAM -FIG. 11 LIMIT CONTROL BLACK WHITEWHITEBLACK WHITE BLACK GREEN 2 x 4 JUNCTION BOX BLOWER TO HOUSE SUPPLY NOTE: GROUND HOUSE SUPPLY TO INSIDE OF JUNCTION BOX. •DRAWINGS FOR ILLUSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY• Installation Please see all methods of Installation in Appendix at the rear of this booklet. This is a furnace, not a free standing stove. You must direct heated air from 12" outlet away from the furnace, or it will not function properly. 1. This installation must be done by a qualified heating equipment installer. 2. The installation is to be done in compliance with National Fire Protection Association installation standards: No. 89M, 90B, 211, 70 (National Electric Code) and Uniform Mechanical Code 913, 6-4, in the states where applicable. (Their code offers connecting smoke pipe connectors into chimney with other fuel burning appliances.) 3. Rooms large in comparison with size of the appliances: a) A Wood Burning Furnace needs air for combustion and circulation to house. b) Provision must be made to make up this air and not starve gas or oil furnace of combustion air. c) Have "Authority Having Jurisdiction" determine that air is of adequate makeup. (Reference N.F.P.A. Nos. 30 & 54, Code for Installation of Gas & Oil Equipment) 4. Have "Authority Having Jurisdiction" to inspect all chimneys and installations for adequate venting and for compliance with standard and local codes and regulations regarding installation of wood burning appliances. 5. Installation of Supplemental Heat Application to Existing Central System. (See Fig. 12 for typical installation.) a) Place Wood Burning Furnace so that the chimney connector will be as short as possible and avoiding unnecessary sharp turns in the smoke pipe connector and the installation of devices that would create excessive resistance to the flow of flue gases. b) Locate the Wood Burning Furnace as close as practical to the existing central hot air heating system, maintaining clearances as stated on the label located on the side of the furnace. c) Clearances from combustible materials must be complied with as stated on the label below the fuel door: Unit to Combustible: Front: 48" Back: 30" Sides: 12" Plenum to Ceiling: 6" Pipe to Combustible: Sides: 21" Back: 18" The installation must be made only on a noncombustible floor. d) Install the smoke pipe connector to the chimney with 26-gauge pipe and elbows (to be purchased separately), maintaining the proper clearances for the specific model. Make sure that the proper clearances as stated on the label and earlier in this manual are maintained. Seal the smoke pipe in the chimney with furnace cement. (The chimney connector shall be securely supported, and joints fastened with sheet metal screws or rivets.) e) Install 8" diameter heat pipe to plenum of the central hot air furnace. Use 26-guage pipe and connectors (to be purchased separately). (See Fig. 13) If central air conditioning is installed in the plenum, install heat pipe above the air conditioning unit. Secure heat pipe connection with supports and sheet metal screws. f) Connect electrical supply in the electrical junction box that is mounted on the back of the Wood Burning Furnace. See Wiring Diagram (Fig. 11). Remove the cover from electrical junction box connect power supply wires to wires designated, using wire nuts. The power cord supplied may be used for installation, if permitted by local codes and regulations. If the power cord supplied cannot be used, the power supply wiring must be 90 degrees Centigrade in a metal cable and should be completed by a qualified ...

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