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Инструкция по эксплуатации Adams, модель Condensing Oil-Fired Furnace

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Each opening must have a minimum free area of at least 1 square inch per 1000 BTU per hour of total input rating of all appliances within the space but not less than 100 square inches. If the furnace is installed in a space within a building of tight construction and air must be supplied from outdoors. In this case, one opening shall be within 12" of the ceiling and the other within 12" of the floor. If vertical combustion ducts are run, each opening must have a free area of at least 1 square inch per 4000 BTU per hour. If horizontal combustion ducts are run, 1 square inch per 2000 BTU per hour of the total input of all appliances is required. 6 A return air duet system is recommended. Where there is no complete return air duct system, a return connection should be run full size to a location outside the confined space and completely sealed so that no air from the confined space can be circulated through the heating duct system. EXISTING FURNACE REMOVAL NOTE: When an existing furnace is removed from a venting system serving other appliances, the venting system may be too large to properly vent the remaining attached appliances. If this furnace is to be installed in the same space with other oil fired appliances, such as a water heater, ensure there is an adequate supply of combustion and ventilation air for the other appliances. VI. VENT/FLUE PIPE; & COMBUSTION AIR PIPE ! WARNING FAILURE TO FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAN RESULT IN BODILY INJURY OR DEATH. CAREFULLY READ AND FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS GIVEN IN THIS SECTION. ! WARNING UPON COMPLETION OF THE FURNACE INSTALLATION, CAREFULLY INSPECT THE ENTIRE FLUE SYSTEM BOTH INSIDE AND OUTSIDE OF THE FURNACE TO ASSURE IT IS PROPERLY SEALED. LEAKS IN THE FLUE SYSTEM CAN RESULT IN SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY OR DEATH DUE TO EXPOSURE TO FLUE PRODUCTS, INCLUDING CARBON MONOXIDE. A condensing oil furnace achieves its high level of efficiency by extracting almost all of the heat from the products of combustion and cooling them to the point where condensation takes place. Because of the relatively low flue gas temperature and water condensation requirements, PVC pipe is used as venting material. This furnace must not be connected to Type B, BW, or L vent or vent connector, and must not be vented into any portion of a factory built or masonry chimney, except when used as a pathway for PVC as descried later in this section. Never common vent this appliance with another appliance or use a vent which is used by a solid fuel appliance. Do not use commercially available "no hub connector" other than those shipped with this prodUCt. It is the responsibility of the installer to follow the manufacturers' recommendations and to verify that all vent/flue piping and connectors are compatible with furnace flue products. Additionally, it is the responsibility of the installer to ensure that all piping and connections possess adequate structural integrity and support to prevent flue pipe separation, shifting, or sagging during furnace operation. MATERIALS AND JOINING METHODS ! WARNING TO AVOID BODILY INJURY, FIRE OR EXPOLSION, SOLVENT CEMENTS MUST BE KEPT AWAY FROM ALL IGNITION SOURCES (I.E., SPARKS, OPEN FLAMES AND EXCESSIVE HEAT) AS THEY ARE COMBUSTIBLE LIQUIDS. AVOID BREATHING CEMENT VAPORS OR CONTACT WITH SKIN AND/OR EYES. Three-inch nominal diameter PVC Schedule 40 pipe meeting ASTM 01785, PVC primer meeting ASTM F6566, and PVC solvent cement meeting ASTM 02564 specifications must be used. Fittings must be OWV type fittings meeting ASTM 02665 and ASTM 03311. Carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions for cutting, cleaning, and solvent cementing of PVC. As an alternative to PVC pipe, primer, solvent cement, and fittings, ABS materials which are in compliance with the following specifications may be used. Three-inch ABS Schedule 40 pipe must meet ASTM 01527 and, if used in Canada, must be CSA listed solvent cement for ABS to PVC transition joint must meet ASTM 02235 and, if used in Canada must be CSA listed. The solvent cement for the PVC to ABS transition joint must meet ASTM 03138. Fittings must be OWV type fittings meeting ASTM 02661 and ASTM 03311 and, if used in Canada, must be CSA listed. CarefUlly follow the pipe manufacturers' instructions for cutting, cleaning, and solvent cementing PVC and/or ABS. All 90 elbows must be medium radius (1/4 bend OWV) or long radius (Long sweep % bend OWV) types conforming to ASTM 03311. A medium radius (1/4 bend OWV) elbow measures 4-9/16 minimum from the plane of one opening to the centerline of the other opening for 3" diameter pipe. 7 PROPER VENT/FLUE AND COMBUSTION AIR PIPING PRACTICES Adhere to these instructions to ensure safe and proper furnace performance. The length, diameter, and number of elbows of the vent/flue pipe and combustion air pipe effects the performance of the furnace and must be carefully sized. All piping must be installed in accordance with local codes and these instructions. Piping must be adequately secured and sup...

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