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Инструкция по эксплуатации Aluratek, модель AEBK07FS

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aluratek.com Package Content 1. AEBK07FS Ebook Reader 2. USB cable 3. Power adapter 4. Carrying Pouch 5. QSG 6. Download Guide 7. Registration/Warranty Card 1 Getting Started Parts and Controls Power button – press and hold for 3 seconds to turn on/off, press and hold 6 seconds to reset 1 Next pg button – press to turn to next page 2 Previous pg button – press to turn to previous page 3 OK / Enter Button 4 Zoom button – press to adjust the font size or to zoom in/out 5 Menu button – press to display Option Menu 6 Directional buttons – to move cursor 11 10 9 8 7 Music button – to enter into music menu Return button – press once to return to previous menu, press and hold to return to Home menu 12 Earphone jack 13 Mini USB jack – for data transfer and charging 14 SD cart slot – supports SD/SDHC/MMC card 15 DC jack – for charging 16 LED indicator 17 Speaker 18 Getting Started Power On and Off AEBK07FS . Press and hold the [Power] button for 3 seconds to turn on AEBK07FS. . When AEBK07FS is on, press and release the [Power] button for standby mode, press and release the [Power] button again to return to power on mode. . To turn off AEBK07FS, press and hold the [Power] button for 3 seconds. Charging AEBK07FS The battery is not fully charged and it is highly recommended that you charge your LIBRE before you begin using it. Note: Using the LIBRE “out of the box” will not harm the device. You will experience reduced battery life as the unit will not be fully charged. Connect the power adapter to the LIBRE’s USB port and you will see an animation of a battery charging on the LIBRE’s display. Please charge the battery for a minimum of six (6) hours using the power adapter. You may also charge the battery by connecting your LIBRE to the USB port of your PC using the USB cable included with your LIBRE. However, using this method will extend the charging time to approximately twelve (12) hours. . When DC/USB power cable is connected to AEBK07FS for charging, AEBK07FS will go into standby mode after it is idle for 60 seconds. Press the [Power] button to start AEBK07FS. . The battery status is displayed at the bottom left corner. The remaining battery playback time is displayed right next to the battery icon. Getting Started Inserting Memory Card AEBK07FS supports SD/SDHC/MMC card in both FAT and NTFS file system. NTFS is needed to copy file with size larger than 4GB. To insert a Memory card: . Open the SD cover. . Check that the SD card is in the correct position with the contact pin facing upwards as illustrated below. You may damage the card and AEBK07FS if SD card is not inserted in the right orientation. . Push the SD card into the card slot until it clicks. . To remove SD card, push the SD card once again until it clicks. . When a SD card is inserted in or ejected from AEBK07FS, it may take few seconds for AEBK07FS to update the content. . Please avoid inserting or ejecting SD card when other operation is running. . Do not remove the card if the content inside the card is being played. This will halt the operation of AEBK07FS and cause AEBK07FS to restart. . If the system is not responding, press and hold the button for 6 seconds to reset. Limitations with NTFS file system: . Books in the card are not recognized by ADE when connected to PC. . Direct copy of files from internal memory to card is not supported. Getting Started Starting from Home Menu When AEBK07FS is turn on, you will enter into the Home Menu. 1. 1. Continue Reading 2. -display the page of the last read book. Press button to open the last page read. 2. Library -display the list of books available. Move the cursor to the desired title and press to open it. 3. Battery Indicator -displays battery status during operation 4. Page Number -displays current page number and total available pages. 5. Time & Date -display current time and date, you can set this from the [Settings] 6. File Directory - indicates the location where the file is stored. SD – SD card, INT – internal memory . . . . . Library . . Battery Indicator . . Page Number . . Time & Date . . . . . Getting Started Entering Option Menu Press the [Menu] button to display the Option Menu as illustrated. Press the directional key to move the cursor to desired item. Selected item will be highlighted. Press to enter. To exit from Option menu, move cursor to and press to confirm. Alternatively, press the button to exit. To sort books by different categories: Title, Author, Category, Date, and Format Jump to a specific page Read from previously added bookmarks Adjust brightness of the display screen Enter into Video Player Enter into Music Player Enter into Photo Viewer Enter into File Explorer for advance file management Enter into System settings and to read user guide Open your favorite book list. Importing Content Importing Content . AEBK07FS supports USB Mass Storage Device function. . To import contents (ebooks, video, audio, photo etc) into AEBK07FS, connect AEB...

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