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Инструкция по эксплуатации Sony, модель Reader PRS-950

Производитель: Sony
Размер: 4.87 mb
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Язык инструкции:en
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To set slideshow Press OPTIONS . tap [Slideshow On]. To set the duration of a slideshow, see [Slideshow] of [Application Preferences] (.127). Table of Contents Index (button) (button) Applications Menu Applications Menu In the [Pictures] list, press OPTIONS . [Select Standby Screen] . tap the thumbnail of candidate picture .tap [Done]. The [Standby Screen] setting is configured from the [Settings] menu (.129). Tip When two pictures or more have been selected, the displayed picture is rotated every time the Reader enters the sleep mode (.15). To zoom in a picture Press (.17) to switch to the zoom-in mode. Tip Double-tap where you wish to zoom in further. The double- tapped area will be shown centered automatically after zooming in. Table of Contents Index (button) (button) Applications Menu Applications Menu You can enjoy audio files with optional headphones. Tips . Please see .57 regarding OPTIONS menu. . See “Supported File Formats” (.169). . To transfer audio files to the Reader using Reader Library, refer to Reader Library Help. 1 Tap [Audio] under menu. [Applications] at [Home] 2 Tap a desired album to go to the audio list. 3 Tap a desired audio file, and play an audio file. The playback screen appears (.121). Note An album or an audio file with cover art information can only display its thumbnail in the album list. Table of Contents Index (button) (button) Applications Menu Applications Menu s Skip to the beginning of the previous (or current if played more than 3 seconds from the beginning) audio file (button) Table of Contents Playback position Skip to the beginning of the next audio file Index (button) Cover art Repeat icon Shuffle icon Play/pause Playback progress bar Playback icon appears during playback Volume indicator Applications Menu Applications Menu o Do this Pause/stop a song Tap .. Resume playback Tap .. Skip to the previous/ Swipe the playback screen. next track Skip to the Tap ./.. beginning of the previous (or current) Skips to the beginning of the current Note audio file/beginning audio file if played more than 3 of the next audio file seconds from the beginning. Fast-reverse/ Drag the playback position indicator, fast-forward an or tap on the playback progress bar. audio file Control the volume Press the volume button. The volume indicator will appear in the status bar. Repeat songs Press OPTIONS . tap [Repeat] .tap [Off], [One Song] or [All Songs]. : Repeat one song : Repeat all songs in the album Shuffle songs Press OPTIONS .tap [Shuffle On] or [Shuffle Off]. : Shuffle play in the album Mute playback Press and hold the volume button. To resume, press the volume button again. Table of Contents Index (button) (button) Settings Settings Tap [Settings] at [Home] menu. [General Settings] (.125) [Date and Time] [Time Zone] [Date and Time Format] [Page Turn Preference] [Menu Language] [Keyboard] [Screen Orientation] [Reader Store Notifications] [Application Preferences] (.127) [Dictionary] [Slideshow] [Page Sync] [System Management] (.128) [Power Management] [Device Lock] [Standby Screen] [Check for Updates] [Initialization] (.130) [Restore Defaults] [Clear Keyboard History] (button) (button) [Format Memory] Table of Contents Index Changing Settings Changing Settings .131) Switches mobile network and Wi-Fi, and sets wireless standby. [Wi-Fi Network Settings] (.132) Sets the detailed settings of Wi-Fi. [About] Displays system and legal information of the Reader. [Device Shutdown] Shuts down (power off) the Reader completely. Table of Contents Index (button) (button) Changing Settings Changing Settings [Date and Time] . Tap a field to change. . Input a number by tapping the numeric key pad. . Tap [OK] to apply the change. Tip When you access the Reader Store or connect the Reader to your computer, the date and time of the Reader will be automatically synchronized with that of the Reader Store or your computer, based on the time zone setting of the Reader. [Time Zone] Sets the time zone and daylight saving time of the Reader. You need to configure this setting in initial settings, or after restoring the default settings using [Restore Defaults] (.130). Tip If your region applies daylight saving time, check [Daylight Saving Time]. Note If you have not set the appropriate time zone, periodicals may not be delivered at the expected time. Table of Contents Index (button) (button) Changing Settings Changing Settings . Tap [Month-Day-Year] or [Day-Month-Year] to select the date format. . Tap [12 hour] or [24 hour] to select the time format. . Tap [OK] to apply the changes. [Page Turn Preference] . Sets the swiping direction to turn pages forward. . Swiping to left is default setting. [Menu Language] Selects the language of the Reader’s menu and messages. [Keyboard] Selects a preferred on-screen keyboard. [Screen Orientation] Sets the direction to rotate when changing from portrait to landscape mode. [Reader Store Notifications] Allows your Reader to display recommendations from the Reader Store (....

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