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Инструкция по эксплуатации ACDelco, модель AC-G0005

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Failure to correctly perform these steps can damage this generator and/or shorten its life. If still unsure about how to perform any of these steps after reading this section, call 1- 866-460-9437 Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 4 PM Central Time for customer service. If this generator is being used for the first time, the following few steps are required to prepare it for operation: Step 1 - Add Oil This generator requires engine oil to function. Engine oil is a major factor affecting engine performance and service life. When new from the package, this generator contains no oil in the engine crankcase. The correct quantity of oil is equal to the oil capacity of the engine crankcase and is 38 fluid oz (1.13 L) for this ACDelco Model AC-G0005 6500 Surge Watts / 6000 Running Watts Electric Start Portable Generator. Add the correct quantity of oil before operating this generator for the first time. When replenishing oil for subsequent use of this generator, always determine that this generator has the correct quantity of oil. Model AC-G0005 Oil Capacity (Qt/fluid oz./L) 1.2 / 38 / 1.13 Model AC-G0005 Oil Type Recommended High Detergent Motor Oil, SAE10W-30 To add oil: 1. Confirm that this generator is on a level surface. 2. Unscrew the oil filler/dipstick cap from the engine as illustrated in Figure 1. 3. Using a funnel, add high detergent motor oil to fill the engine crankcase to the correct quantity as stated above. SAE10W-30 oil is recommended for general, all-temperature use. When the engine crankcase is full, the oil level should reach the lower lip of the oil filling opening as illustrated in Figure 2. 4. Replace the oil filler/dipstick cap. Figure 1 - Unscrewing the Oil Cap Figure 2 - Adding Oil Step 2 - Add Gasoline Gasoline and gasoline fumes are highly flammable and explosive. Handling fuel can result in serious injury or burns. • Do not fill the fuel tank near a heat, sparks or an open flame. Keep gasoline away from appliance pilot lights, barbecues, electric appliances, power tools, etc. • Do not overfill the fuel tank. Always check for fuel spills and immediately wipe them up. Spilled fuel is a fire hazard and causes environmental damage. To add gasoline: To ensure that this generator runs smoothly, use only FRESH, UNLEADED GASOLINE WITH AN OCTANE RATING OF 87 OR HIGHER. Unleaded gasoline produces fewer engine and spark plug deposits and extends the life of the exhaust system. 1. Confirm that this generator is on a level surface. 2. Unscrew fuel tank cap and set aside. (NOTE: The fuel tank cap may be tight and difficult to unscrew.) 3. Slowly add fresh, unleaded gasoline (with an octane rating 87 or higher) to the fuel tank. Be careful not to fill the fuel tank above the upper limit line. The fuel tank capacity for this ACDelco Model AC-G0005 6500 Surge Watts / 6000 Running Watts Electric Start Portable Generator is 6.5 gallons (24.6 L). The fuel gauge, located on the top of this generator, indicates how much gasoline is currently in the fuel tank. NOTE: Because gasoline can expand, do not fill the fuel tank to the very top. 4. Securely tighten the fuel tank cap and immediately wipe up any spilled gasoline with a dry cloth. Model AC-G0005 Fuel Tank Capacity (gals /L) 6.5 / 24.6 Model AC-G0005 Fuel Type Fresh, Unleaded Gasoline Octane Rating 87 or Higher IMPORTANT: • Use only UNLEADED gasoline with an octane rating of 87 or higher. • Never use a mixture of oil and gasoline. • Never use old and/or contaminated gasoline. • Avoid getting dirt and/or water in the fuel tank. • Gasoline can age in the fuel tank and make it difficult to start this generator. Never store this generator for extended time with gasoline in the fuel tank. Step 3 - Ground the Generator Failure to properly ground this generator can result in electrocution. Ground this generator by tightening the grounding nut against a grounding wire as illustrated in Figure 3. A No. 12 AWG (American Wire Gauge) stranded copper wire is generally an acceptable grounding wire. The other end of this grounding wire should be connected to a copper or brass grounding rod that is driven into the earth. Grounding codes can vary by location. Contact a local electrician for information on grounding regulations for your area. Figure 3 - Attaching the Grounding Wire to this Generator Subsequent Use of this Generator For subsequent uses of this generator after the first use, certain steps still must be completed to prepare it for operation. IMPORTANT: Be familiar with the procedures described in the previous section titled “Using the Generator for the First Time” of this manual. If not, review this section now. Step 1 - Verify Oil Level Even though this generator is equipped with an automatic shutoff to protect it from damage due to low oil, it is important to check the oil level in the engine crankcase before each use to ensure that there is sufficient quantity. 1. Verify that this generator is on a level surface. 2. Unscrew the oil filler/dipstick cap from the eng...

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