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Инструкция по эксплуатации Blodgett, модель ZET1038

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This is normal, and the fan may continue to run even after the oven is turned off. You can use aluminum foil to line the broiler Aluminum pan and broiler grid. However, you must mold foil the foil tightly to the grid and cut slits in it just like the grid. Broiling Wall Oven Broiling guide The size, weight, thickness, starting temperature and your preference for doneness will affect broiling times. This guide is based on meats at refrigerator temperature. †The U.S. Department of Agriculture says “Rare beef is popular, but you should know that cooking it to only 140°F means some food poisoning organisms may survive.” (Source: Safe Food Book. Your Kitchen Guide. USDA Rev. June 1985.) Food Quantity/ Thickness Rack Position 1st Side Minutes 2nd Side Minutes Comments Bacon 1/2 lb. (about 8 thin slices) C 41.2 41.2 Arrange in single layer. Ground Beef Well Done 1 lb. (4 patties) 1/2 to 3/4. thick C 10 7 Space evenly. Up to 8 patties take about the same time. Beef Steaks Rare Medium Well Done Rare† Medium Well Done 1. thick (1 to 11.2 lbs.) 11.2. thick (2 to 21.2 lbs.) C C C C C C 6 8 12 10 15 25 5 6 11 7–8 14–16 20–25 Steaks less than 1. thick cook through before browning. Pan frying is recommended. Slash fat. Chicken 1 whole (2 to 21.2 lbs.), split lengthwise A 35 10–15 Reduce time about 5 to 10 minutes per side for cut-up chicken. Brush each side with melted butter. Broil skin-sidedown first. Bakery Products Bread (Toast) Toaster Pastries English Muffins 2 to 4 slices 1 pkg. (2) 2 (split) C C C 11.2–2 11.2–2 3–4 1/2 1/2 Space evenly. Place English muffins cutside- up and brush with butter, if desired. Lobster Tails 2–4 (6 to 8 oz. each) B 13–16 Do not turn over. Cut through back of shell. Spread open. Brush with melted butter before broiling and after half of broiling time. Fish 1-lb. fillets 1/4 to 1/2. thick C 5 5 Handle and turn very carefully. Brush with lemon butter before and during cooking, if desired. Preheat broiler to increase browning. Ham Slices (precooked) 1. thick B 8 8 Increase time 5 to 10 minutes per side for 11.2. thick or home cured. Pork Chops Well Done 2 (1/2. thick) 2 (1. thick), about 1 lb. C B 10 13 10 13 Slash fat. Lamb Chops Medium Well Done Medium Well Done 2 (1. thick), 10 to 12 oz. 2 (11.2. thick), about 1 lb. C C C B 10 12 14 17 9 10 12 12–14 Slash fat. Wieners, Sausages, Bratwurst 1-lb. pkg. (10) C 6 1–2 If desired, split in half lengthwise; cut into 5 to 6. pieces. Timed Cooking Wall Oven Timed cooking (immediate start and automatic stop) NORMAL TIME CLOCK COOK TIMED SET START TIMER TIME Mode Selector Knob Single oven controls shown set for convection baking. Timed cooking allows you to set the oven to cook for a selected length of time and turn off automatically. On double oven models, you will not be able to set a timed cooking or cleaning function in both ovens at the same time. To set the oven to turn on immediately: NOTE: Before beginning, make sure the clock shows the correct time of day. To avoid possible burns, place the racks in the correct position before you turn the oven on. Turn the Mode Selector Knob to TIMED (on double oven models, select UPPER TIMED or LOWER TIMED, depending on the oven you are using). Turn the Oven Control Knob to the desired cooking function. Using the Temperature Control Knob, set the desired temperature, up to 500°F. NOTE: The OVEN ON & HEATING lights and the oven interior lights will not turn on until the oven starts heating. Press the COOK TIME button. NOTE: If your recipe requires preheating, you may need to add additional time to the length of cooking time (approximately 15 minutes). Press the increase “” or decrease “” button to set the cooking time. (The maximum cooking time is 11 hours and 50 minutes. The minimum cooking time is 1 minute.) If the increase “” or decrease “” button is not pressed within 5 seconds of pressing the COOK TIME button, you will need to press COOK TIME again. OFF SELF OFF CONVECTION CLEAN ROAST WARM 200 CONVECTION BAKE CLEAN OVEN ON BROIL BROIL 250 HEATING CONVECTION 450 500 BAKE 300 BROIL 400 350 PROOF Temperature Control Oven Control Knob Knob The display will show COOK and the cooking time countdown. The oven will continue to cook for the programmed amount of time, then turn off automatically. At the end of timed cooking, the word COOK will blink in the display and the end of cycle tone will sound. To clear the end of cycle tone, press any button. Turn the Oven Control Knobs to OFF and the Mode Selector Knob to NORMAL. NOTE: • You will hear a convection fan while cooking with convection features. • A cooling fan will turn on to cool internal parts. This is normal, and the fan may continue to run even after the oven is turned off. • The WARM temperature setting of this oven is available to keep hot cooked foods warm. Food kept in the oven longer than two hours at these low temperatures may not be safe to eat. • Foods that spoil easily, such as milk, eggs, fish, stuffings, poultry and pork, should not be allowe...

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