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Инструкция по эксплуатации Equipex, модель CN-34

Производитель: Equipex
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DO NOT place the unit in a damp area or near steam sources. Make sure that the exterior rear ventilation panel is not blocked. Maintain 4" clearance at each side, rear and top of the oven. OPERATION Preheating To preheat the convection oven, select the desired temperature by rotating the thermostat knob clockwise to desired temperature setting and then turn the timer knob that also acts as an ON/OFF switch clockwise to the maximum setting (120 minutes). Both indicator lights (green and red) will be lit. The red light will stay on until the oven reaches the desired temperature. The green light will stay on until the timer reaches the indicated time setting. Allow 7 to 15 minutes for the preheating process. Cooking After the preheat process is completed, select the desired temperature (unless it is already set) and turn the timer knob to select the time setting. When the set time is elapsed, the heating element and the blower fan will be switched off and the green indicator light will go out. The SODIR convection ovens can be used for a wide variety of foods. Cooking times will vary depending on food products, temperature settings and desired results. Cleaning WARNING: Disconnect (unplug) electrical power supply before cleaning Cleaning is very important in maintaining a safe and well working machine. Allow the oven to cool before cleaning. Remove the baking racks and the bake pan, and clean them separately using a damp cloth or sponge and mild cleaning liquid soap. Use a cloth dampened slightly with a soap and water mixture to clean all exterior and interior stainless steel surfaces. Use a clean lint-free cloth to remove the excess water or soap. DO NOT use an abrasive sponge on exterior or interior surfaces DO NOT wash the oven under running water DO NOT spray the exterior motor housing with any liquid DO NOT allow water to drip into the motor housing or onto electrical components Inspect all parts on a regular basis to ensure that all parts are in good working order. If a part is damaged, have the unit repaired by an authorized service agency prior to returning the unit to operation. If you have trouble locating a service agency in your area, call EQUiPEX, LTD. at 1-800-649-7885 and ask for customer service....

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