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Инструкция по эксплуатации Wells, модель WVOC-4HF

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VENTILATOR OPERATION 1. Press the VENTILATOR POWER switch to ON. The green VENTILATOR POWER light will glow and the blower fan will start. After a short time, if all filters are sensed as being in position and not clogged, the cooking appliance will be energized. The roll warmer is energized at all times. During normal operation, the VENTILATOR POWER light will be the only light glowing on the upper control panel. 2. If the amber CHECK FILTER light glows, one or more filter elements is out of position. Check the GREASE BAFFLE, PRE-FILTER and FILTER PACK for proper installation in their respective positions. Grease baffle and filter pack position are sensed by mechanical switches. Pre-filter position is sensed by a vacuum switch. 3. When the amber REPLACE PRE-FILTER light glows, the pre-filter is nearing the end of its service life. Replace the disposable PRE-FILTER ELEMENT. 4. When the amber REPLACE FILTER PACK light illuminates, the HEPA / Charcoal filter pack is nearing the end of its service life. Replace the FILTER PACK. Note: The REPLACE PRE-FILTER and REPLACE FILTER PACK lights are a warning that the indicated filter is near the end of its service life. The appliance will continue to operate for a period of time after the light glows to allow continued operation through a peak period. However, the indicated filters must be replaced within a reasonably short time period or they will clog and shut down electrical power to the cooking appliance . The ventilator blower will continue to run. 5. When the red SERVICE REQUIRED light glows, either the pre-filter or filter pack (or both) is clogged and can no longer pass sufficient air to allow further operation. The ventilator fan continues to run, but the cooking appliance is shut down until the underlying clogged filter situation has been corrected. This can occur when neither CHANGE...FILTER indicator light is lit, if both pre-filter and filter pack are marginal. Replacing both the pre-filter and the filter pack will remedy the situation. Note: Replacing the pre-filter, even though not very dirty, will often extend the service life of the more expensive filter pack. Reset the unit by turning the VENTILATOR POWER switch to OFF, then back ON. 6. A failure of incoming electrical power will cause a shut down of the unit. After power is restored, reset the unit by turning the VENTILATOR POWER switch to OFF, then back ON. NOTE: Oven, griddle and hotplate will not operate unless the fire suppression system is charged, and the ventilator section is operating Fig. 10 Ventilator Indicator and Warning Lights OPERATION (continued) OPERATION (continued) SUGGESTED COOKING TIMES A. CONVECTION OVEN PRODUCT TEMP TIME NUMBER .F MINUTES OF RACKS BREAD PRODUCTS Hamburger Roll 300 15 5 Bread (1 lb loaves) 325 34 3 (12 loaves) Roll 300 16 5 (60 rolls) Baking Soda Biscuit 400 7 3 For best baking results, use rack positions 2, 5 & 8 ( where rack position 1 is the top rack) Baking one pan: use rack 5; baking 2 pans: use racks 2 & 8. PASTRIES Sheet Cake (2. lbs. per pan) 300 17 5 Frozen Fruit Pie (46oz.) 350 50 5 (10 pies) Frozen Fruit Pie (26oz. - 8" dia.) 350 40 5 (15 pies) Sugar Cookie 300 15 5 Danish Roll 350 12 5 Fruit Cake 275 75 3 Cake (1 lb.) 300 19 5 (10 cakes) OTHER Melted Cheese Sandwich 400 8 5 Idaho Potato (120 potatoes) 450 40 5 Macaroni & Cheese 350 30 5 NOTE: "HIGH" fan speed provides the fastest cook time. "LOW" fan speed is used for foods which are sensitive to air currents, such as meringue pie. 14 OPERATION (continued) 15 CONVECTION OVEN OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS A. MANUAL COOK MODE 1. Set the OVEN POWER SWITCH (C.01) to ON. The OVEN POWER ON INDICATOR (C.03) will glow when the switch is ON. 2. Rotate OVEN TEMPERATURE CONTROL knob (C.07) until the desired cooking temperature is displayed on the READOUT (C.05A). The oven will begin heating, and the temperature digits will flash, until the set temperature is reached. 3. Rotate OVEN TIME CONTROL knob (C.06) until the desired time is displayed on the READOUT. The digits and colon will flash, indicating that time has been set but the timer is not started. 4. Load product in the oven. Press START TIMER key (C.08). The timer digits count down and the colon (only) flashes during the timer period. 5. At the end of the timer period, an audible alarm will sound. Press CANCEL key (C.11) to silence the alarm. SUGGESTION: For best baking results when making baking soda biscuits, use rack positions 2, 5 & 8 ( where rack position 1 is the top rack). When baking one pan: use rack 5 (center rack); when baking 2 pans: use racks 2 & 8; when baking three pans: use racks 2, 5 & 8. B. PROGRAM COOK MODE 1. Five (5) programmable keys (C.10) are provided for presetting frequently used time / temperature combinations. To set the program: a. Press and hold the appropriate PGM key. b. While holding the PGM key, turn the TIME and TEMP knobs until the desired time and temperature is displayed on the readout. c. Release the PGM key to store the di...

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