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Инструкция по эксплуатации ARC, модель Inverter Power Sources

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The arc welding power system, if used correctly, can be operated in very safe conditions while if the prescribed safety norms are not observed it could cause serious damages to people and objects. TABLE OF CONTENTS INSTRUCTIONS FOR ELECTROMAGNETIC COMPATIBILITY METHODS OF REDUCING EMISSIONS SECTION 1 --- SAFETY 1.1 INTRODUCTION 1.2 GENERAL PRECAUTIONS SECTION 2 --- GENERAL DESCRIPTIONS AND PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS 2.1 INTRODUCTION 2.2 SYSTEM DESCRIPTION 2.5 TECHNICAL SYMBOLS EXPLANATION 2.6 PROTECTION DEVICES SECTION 3 --- INSTALLATION PROCEDURE 3.1 UNPACKING AND SETUP 3.2 STARTUP PROCEDURE 3.3 GENERAL NOTES SECTION 4 --- OPERATION 4.1 DESCRIPTION OF CONTROL PANEL 4.2 COATED ELECTRODE WELDING 4.3 TIG WELDING IMPORTANT TO BE READ BEFORE USING THIS DEVICE The following instructions should be read by all concerned before installing or using this device. In case of any doubt contact your distributor or directly the producer to get all the informations that may be needed. INSTRUCTIONS FOR ELECTROMAGNETIC COMPATIBILITY1 The user is responsible for installing and using the welding equipment according to the manufacturers instructions. If electromagnetic disturbances are detected then it shall be responsibility of the user of the welding equipment to resolve the situation with the technical assistance of the manufacturer. In some cases this remedial action may be as simple as earthing the welding circuit. In other cases it could involve constructing an electromagnetic screen enclosing the power source and the work complete with associated input filters. In all cases electromagnetic disturbances must be reduced to the point where they are no longer troublesome. Note - The welding circuit may or may not be earthed for safety reasons. Changing the earthing arrangements should only be authorized by a person who is competent to asses whether the changes increase the risk of injury, e.g. by allowing parallel welding current return paths which may damage the earth circuits of other equipment. Assessment of area Before installing welding equipment the user shall make an assessment of potential electromagnetic problems in the surrounding area. The following shall be taken into account: a) Other supply cables, control cables, signaling and telephone cables above, below and adjacent to the welding equipment; b) Radio and television transmitters and receivers; c) Computer and other control equipment; d) Safety critical equipment, e.g. guarding of industrial equipment; e) The health of the people around, e.g. the use of pacemakers and hearing aids; f) Equipment used for calibration or measurement; g) The immunity of other equipment in the environment. The user shall ensure that other equipment being used in the environment is compatible. This may require additional protection measures; h) The time of the day that welding or other activities are to be carried out. The size of the surrounding area to be considered will depend on the structure of the building and other activities that are taking place. The surrounding area may extend beyond the boundaries of the premises. 1FROM EN 50199 “EMC product standard for arc welding equipment” METHODS OF REDUCING EMISSIONS Mains supply Welding equipment should be connected to the mains supply according to the manufacturers recommendations. If interference occurs, it may be necessary to take additional precautions such as filtering of the mains supply. Consideration should be given to shielding the supply cable of permanently installed welding equipment, in metallic conduit or equivalent. Shielding should be electrically continuous throughout its length. The shielding should be connected to the welding power source so that good electrical contact is maintained between the conduit and the welding power source enclosure. Maintenance of the welding equipment The welding equipment should be routinely maintained according to the manufacturers recommendations. All access and service doors and covers should be closed and properly fastened when the welding equipment is in operation. The welding equipment should not be modified in any way except for those changes and adjustment covered in the manufacturers instructions. In particular, the spark gaps of arc striking and stabilizing devices should be adjusted and maintained according to the manufacturers recommendations. Welding cables The welding cables should be kept as short as possible and should be positioned close together, running at or close to the floor level. SECTION 1 --- SAFETY 1.1 INTRODUCTION Arc welding processes as developed after many years of welding experience can be used with a high degree of safety provided that proper care and attention is given to common sense practices and to manufacturer’s recommended methods. It is therefore imperative that management and safety personnel make sure that all personnel who will operate or maintain the welding equipment be given the opportunity to read this information. 1.2 GENERAL PRECAUTIONS 1.2...

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