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Инструкция по эксплуатации Shoprider, модель UL8W

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Get Smartie™, the only next generation powerchair with new Envirofriendly® battery technology. Shoprider introduces another first in powered mobility with its extremely lightweight, high performance, extended life high energy batteries. Smartie™ provides virtually zero maintenance over the life of its batteries, and will outlast today's bigger, heavier batteries by a longshot without compromising its performance. It's Mall friendly with One-Touch effortless disassembly and transportability... Smart design, Smart technology, the Smartie™ will go anywhere you want to go.....the smart way. Enjoy tomorrow's products today. SMARTIE™ Specifications UL8W Overall Dimensions (L*1 x W x H*2) in 28.7 x 21.5 x 30.5 Number, Size of Tires (front; mid; rear) ea, in 2, 6"; 2, 8" Capt seat w/ controller assy lb 37.1 Front chassis w/ batteries lb 27.1 Rear chassis w/ drive train lb 29.2 Total Weight (w/Batteries, Seat) lb 93 Battery pack weight lb 5.8 Battery Capacity Ah Equivalent to 2x12 Ah minimum. Charger Amp 2 amp Off-Board Output Power of Motor (Reference Only) hp 0.67 Turning Radius in 15.5 Max. Single User Weight (On the Level Road) lb 250 Maximum Speed*3 (On the Level Road) mph 3.75 Suggested Climbing Angle %, lbs Shown as illustration Range *4 (per charge with 12 Ah Battery/ 198 lbs User Weight)(After the Battery and Mechanical Moving Parts fully Break In) Mile 10 Toll-Free: 800.743.0772 SMARTIE™ (UL8W) • Rear wheel drive • Extra light, 93 lbs only (incl. Batteries) • Easily assembles with connectorless technology • Easy to dismantle in to three major parts: Seat w/Controller: 37 lbs Front chassis w/Batteries: 27 lbs Rear Chassis w/Drive train: 29 lbs • With revolutionary ENVIROFRIENDLY® Battery. High-powered and better cycle life Phosphate base Lithium Iron Batteries • Charging time: 2 to 4.5 hours • Adjustable seat height, padded full function, armrest (width, height, angle adjustable) • Removable fold up footrest with full function (height, length, angle adjustable) Length: 28.7" Width: 21.5" Height: 30.5" Weight: 93 lbs (w/batteries) Maximum Speed: 4 mile Maximum User weight: 250 lbs Safe Climbing Angle: 10 Turning Radius: 15.5" Battery range: 10 mile Available Colors Single User All specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Shoprider Mobility Products, Inc. reserves the rights of any changes to the unit. *1) Include the anti-tip wheel. *2) Depending on the height of the seat back. *3) When proceeding up any incline, please move your seat to the most forward position or if you have the deluxe seat, make sure that it is in the 90 degree (upright) position. *4) The actual driving range varies with the factors shown as below. A. The weight of occupant B. Level ground C. Battery Condition D. Type of Charger E. Ambient Temperature F. The Way of Driving G. ETC....

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