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Инструкция по эксплуатации Shoprider, модель UL7WR

Производитель: Shoprider
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It is possible to unintentionally bring high levels of EM energy very close to the Powerchair’s control system while using these devices. This can affect the Powerchair’s movement and braking. Therefore, the warnings listed below are recommended to prevent possible interference with the control system of the Powerchair. WARNINGS The following warnings listed below should reduce the chance of unintended brake release or Powerchair movement, which could result in serious injury. 1. Do not operate hand-held transceivers (transmitter-receivers), such as citizens band (CB) radios, or turn ON personal communication devices, such as cellular phones, while the Powerchair is turned ON. 2. Be aware of nearby transmitters, such as radio or TV stations, and try to avoid coming close to them. 3. If unintended movement or brake release occurs, turn the Powerchair OFF as soon as it is safe. 4. Be aware that adding accessories or components, or modifying the Powerchair may make it more susceptible to EMI. NOTE: There is no easy way to evaluate the overall immunity of the powered chair. Report all incidents of unintended movement or brake to your Powerchair provider, and note whether there are sources of EMI nearby. 8/16/2005 5 Safety Instructions Please do use the Jiffy Powerchair to enhance your active lifestyle. With increased mobility, please observe a few rules to ensure safe operation of your Jiffy Powerchair. So please… 1. Do not drive the Powerchair without reading this manual. 2. Do not exceed the safe climbing maximum angle (Table 2). 3. Do not use the joystick in an erratic manner when going up or down an incline. 4. Do not carry passengers or exceed the maximum weight limit (Table 2). 5. Do not turn off the joystick controller by switching the On/Off Button when moving at any speed. This will bring the electromagnetic brakes on immediately and could cause damage to the joystick controller. 6. Do not drive over deep and soft terrain (soft dirt, loose gravel, deep grass). 7. Do not attempt to mount a curb height above 2 inches. 8. Do not mount or dismount the Powerchair unless the electromagnetic brakes are engaged and the joystick controller is off. 9. Do not operate the Powerchair if the unit is in freewheel mode. 10. Do not use on the road, except when crossing between sidewalks. 11. Do not sit on the Powerchair when in a vehicle, but transfer to a vehicle seat. 12. Do not exceed any grade over 8 degrees (14%). 13. Always stop fully before changing forward or reverse direction. 14. Always engage a slow speed when going down gradients (move the joystick slowly towards center position to reduce the speed). 15. Always approach and climb over curbs at slow speed. 8/16/2005 6 16. Always approach curbs and gradients at 90 degrees. 17. Always use the safety belt. 18. Always keep the feet on the leg rest while driving. 19. Always make sure the batteries are fully charged before setting out on a journey. 20. Always charge the Powerchair in a well ventilated area to prevent any possible risk. 21. Always check that the drive wheels are engaged. Someone may have left the Powerchair in freewheel mode. 22. Always reduce your speed when turning sharply. 23.Avoid turning sharply on a slope or gradient. 24.To brake in an emergency simply release the joystick. 25. Always try to find a “dropped curb” or “curb cutout” whenever possible. 26. Always keep your Powerchair properly maintained. 27.Never try to use your Powerchair beyond it’s limitations as described in this manual. Important Notes The Jiffy Powerchair is designed to assist in your individual mobility needs. Any usage outside of the guidelines in this manual may result in damage to the chair or injury to the user or third party. Please do not lift the wheelchair by the armrests. First Time Use Prior to using your Jiffy portable Powerchair for the first time, you must charge the batteries fully (refer to Battery Charging Procedures). Charging may take up to 8 hours. Charging the batteries completely prior to first time use will benefit battery efficiency. 8/16/2005 7 Feature Guide 12 3 4 5 6 9 8 10 7 Figure 1 (1) Removable Armrests with Width Adjustment (Flips Down for Transport and Easy Seat Access) (2) VSI Joystick Controller (3) Charging Port (4) Reclining Pillow-Top Leatherette Seat (5) Standard Foot Plate (6) Front Castor Assy (6” flat free tire) (7) Frame Serial Number (13 alphanumeric characters) (8) Rear Drive Wheel (8” flat free tire) (9) Anti-tip Wheel (10)Removable Battery Pack 8/16/2005 8 Getting to Know Your Shoprider Jiffy Powerchair The Joystick Controller (VSI 50) 1. On-Off Button: This button turns the joystick controller (hereinafter referred to as VSI) on and off. Do not use this button to stop the folding power chair, except in an emergency. 2. Battery Gauge: This is a 10-segment display, which indicates if the VSI is switched on and gives the state of charge of the battery. Additionally, any faults in the Powerchair electrical system are also indicate...

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