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Инструкция по эксплуатации Shoprider, модель UL7WR/ULWR11

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The batteries should be checked once a month and kept charged as needed. Red Bottom Amber Middle Green Top3 Bars 4 Bars 3 Bars Flashing. Danger, you From 30% -50% Full battery charge. must stop and discharge. recharge the batteries. Batteries will Failure to do so may need charging. result in damage of Figure 9 8/16/2005 16 Battery Charging Procedure There are two ways to charge the Jiffy portable Powerchair: 1) Plug the A/C power cord into the wall. Plug the male three-pin charger plug into the female 3-pin receiver located on the bottom of the VSI (Refer to Figure 2, #8). 2) Remove the battery-pack from the unit. Plug the A/C power cord into the wall. Located on the battery-pack is a charger port. Slide the charger port cover over to expose the charger female 3-pin receiver. Plug the male three-pin charger plug into the female 3-pin receiver. It is not necessary for the battery-pack to be attached to the Powerchair to charge. The battery charger’s light indicator is as follows: Red -Charging Green -Charging complete Depending on the amount of battery discharge, the charge time can take up to 12 hours. The battery charger has an electronic switch that will terminate the charge when the batteries are fully charged. Do not remove the battery charger until the charging cycle is complete. Be sure to unplug charger from the wall first before unplugging charger from the Powerchair. WARNING! Only use the original manufacturer approved charger! This charger is for indoor use only. Do not expose it to rain or water spray. Do not leave the charger plugged into the Charging Port if the charger is not charging. 8/16/2005 17 Troubleshooting The Self-Help Guide (Table 1) is intended to assist in the location of a fault that may occur in a certain part of the Powerchair. If after checking the fault from the table below and the fault is still showing, do not use the Powerchair. Turn off the power and consult your provider immediately. Table 1 BATTERY GAUGE POSSIBLE VSI-50 FAULT 10 Bars flash Battery voltage is too high, check the battery connections. 9 Bars flash Solenoid brake fault 8 Bars flash Possible controller fault 7 Bars flash Possible joystick fault 6 Bars flash Battery charger connected 5 Bars flash Right-hand motor wiring fault 4 Bars flash Right-hand motor disconnected 3 Bars flash Left-hand motor wiring fault 2 Bars flash Left-hand motor disconnected 1 Bar flash Low battery voltage 8/16/2005 18 Specifications Table 2 Jiffy (UL7WR) Jiffy 11 (UL7WR11) Overall Dimensions: L1 x W x H 37” x 19” x 33” 37” x 21” x 33” Number, Size of Front Tires 2, 6 inches 2, 6 inches Number, Size of Rear Tires 2, 8 inches 2, 8 inches Total Weight of Unit 100 lbs 104 lbs Maximum User Weight 225 lbs 250 lbs Battery Capacity 12v - 12Ah x 2 12v - 12Ah x 2 Charger Off-Board, (2amp) Off-Board, (2amp) Output Power of Motor .45 hp .45 hp Ground Clearence 2.25 inches 2.25 inches Seat Floor Height 19, 20, 21in 19, 20, 21in Maximum Speed 3 mph 3 mph Safe Climbing Angle, Maximum Single User Weight Refer to Figure 8 Refer to Figure 8 Range2 9 mi 9 mi Turning Radius 27.5 inches 28.5 inches As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Shoprider reserves the right to change specifications and design without prior notice. All specifications and dimensions are approximate. 1Includes the anti-tip wheel. 2The actual driving range varies with the factors shown below: 1. The weight of the user 2. Ground surface condition 3. Battery condition 4. Type of charger 5. Ambient temperature 6. Driving style 7. Terrain 8/16/2005 19 QUARTERLY INSPECTION For your own safety, quarterly inspection and service on the product has to be performed and signed by an authorized provider. Maintenance records (below) should be kept at all times. The manufacturer / distributor / vendor will be indemnified from any product liability claim if the above maintenance / service requirement are not met. NOTE! Regular (Monthly) inspection is strongly recommended by the manufacturer to ensure ultimate performance of the vehicle. 8/16/2005 20 Service Record: Date of Purchase: / / Purchaser:_________________________________________________________ Model #: ______________ Serial #: ____________________________________ Dealer Unit Was Purchased From: ____________________________________ M / D / Y M / D / Y M / D / Y M / D / Y M / D / Y M / D / Y M / D / Y M / D / Y M / D / Y M / D / Y M / D / Y M / D / Y M / D / Y M / D / Y M / D / Y M / D / Y M / D / Y M / D / Y M / D / Y M / D / Y M / D / Y M / D / Y M / D / Y M / D / Y M / D / Y M / D / Y M / D / Y M / D / Y M / D / Y M / D / Y M / D / Y M / D / Y M / D / Y M / D / Y M / D / Y M / D / Y 8/16/2005 21 Disclaimer Congratulations on your purchase of the Shoprider Jiffy Portable Powerchair. This Powerchair is not intended to be used by individuals with physical limitations that could prevent the user from operating the Powerchair safely. Shoprider disclaims all responsibility for any personal injury or property damage, which ma...

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