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Инструкция по эксплуатации Techno Source, модель IM-0300A

Производитель: Techno Source
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© Rubik's®.All Rights Reserved.Rubik's® and Rubik's® Cube are registered trademarks of Seven Towns Ltd. Used under license. Manufactured for and distributed by Techno Source. Licensed by the Sharpe Company. © 2009 Techno Source. All rights reserved. 30 Canton Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong INPUT: AC 120V ~ 60Hz 7W Made in China OUTPUT: 9V 300mA Rechargeable battery is non-replaceable. Product specifications and colors may vary. Keep this packaging for future reference. IM-0300A YOUR RUBIK’S® TOUCHCUBE™ You hold in your hands the world’s first completely electronic, solvable Rubik’s® Cube. Each vibrantly lit square contains cutting edge, easy to use touch sensor technology. Swipe your finger across the squares to effortlessly slide the lights, mimicking every move of the original puzzle.If you’re ever stuck, the TouchCube can give you a hint or solve it step by step right before your eyes. 1 TOUCHCUBE CONTROLS Power – Press and hold for 1.5 seconds to activate. Scramble – Double tap to begin Hint Power Mode – page 5 Solve Mode – page 5 Scramble Mode – page 5 Undo Mode – page 5 Hint Mode – page 5 Sound Control Mode – page 6 Display Mode and Charging Information – page 7-9 Reset Reset Information – page 7-8 NOTE: Please follow the icons on each side for the product’s features. Colors may vary. 2 Solve – Double tap to begin Solve Mode. Undo – Double tap to activate Undo Mode. Sound Control – Double tap to enter Sound THE CHARGING DISPLAY STAND Recharge light Red – Charging Green – Fully Charged Contact points – Align contact points on your TouchCube with the ones on the base (Solve cubie should face the back of base) and make sure the recharge light is lit to ensure that the Bottom of ChargingTouchCube is charging. Reset area – Press the TouchCube to the bottom of the charging display stand to restart the Cube. It will return to its last saved puzzle. Display Stand 3 BASIC CONTROLS Horizontal/Vertical Rotation – To eliminate accidental moves, your TouchCube’s built-in accelerometer only activates the top face. Turn the Cube to the side you want to move and swipehorizontally or vertically on the active face to move three adjacent cubies in a row or column. The TouchCube works and moves just like a regular Rubik’s® Cube! Swipe Tips • The TouchCube moves rows or columns just like the original Rubik’s® Cube so you cannot move the lights diagonally. • The internal motion-detecting accelerometer only activates the top face. Please turn the Cube to the face you want to move to activate that face. • Make sure to swipe quickly over three consecutive cubies to swipe. Swipe Face Rotation To rotate a face, make a diagonal swiping motion from one middle edge cubie to the next middle edge cubie in the desired direction on the active face. Swipe from a middle edge cubie to the next clockwise middle edge cubie to rotate a face clockwise. Swipe from a middle edge cubie to the next counterclockwise middle edge cubie to rotate a face counterclockwise. Cross – Swipe waiting the update illustrator 4 FUNCTIONS Function modes can be activated as detailed below. Besides the On/Off cubie, every center/function cubie can only be used when its side is facing up and active. Most functions require a double tap – similar to a double-click with a computer mouse. Simply press twice on the center/function cubie quickly to activate these functions. Power Mode – Press and hold the On/Off cubie to power the TouchCube On or Off. Scramble Mode – Double tap the Scramble Mode cubie to begin a random scrambling sequence of 40 moves. Double tap the Scramble button again while the TouchCube is scrambling to stop the Cube at any time mid-scramble. Hint Mode – Double tap the Hint Mode cubie to have the TouchCube give you a single hint towards the final solution. The TouchCube will flash the row or column of squares you need to swipe and its direction. NOTE: The Hint Mode does not make the Hint move – it simply shows you the next move.Swipe to enter the TouchCube’s recommended move. Solve Mode – The TouchCube’s powerful processor knows exactly the number of moves needed to solve at any time.Double tap the Solve Mode cubie and the Cube’s internal solver will solve the puzzle step by step. Double tap the Solve Mode cubie again while the TouchCube is solving to stop the Cube at any time mid-solve. Undo Mode – Double tap the Undo Mode cubie to undo your previous moves. Double tap the Undo Mode cubie after you’ve used Scramble or Solve Mode to bring the puzzle back to the exact state immediately before you activated those modes. NOTE: The TouchCube’s internal memory keeps track of your progress in a puzzle and will occasionally not allow you to undo past a certain milestone if you are making positive progress.See the Troubleshooting section for more information. 5 FUNCTIONS (cont) Sound Control Mode – Double tap the Sound Control Mode cubie to enter the Sound Control Mode.First, select the mode of SFX you would like the TouchCube to play. If t...

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