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Инструкция по эксплуатации Mad Catz, модель 26-445

Производитель: Mad Catz
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26-445 8 Fire Button Digital Gamepad Your RadioShack 8 Fire Button Digital Gamepad lets you take control of the latest computer games! The gamepad’s long cable makes it easy to use it with your computer. The gamepad’s advanced features include: Thumb-Control Pad — allows precise control in eight directions. Eight Control Buttons — give you the flexibility you need to play games with multiple controls. Master Turbo/Automatic Fire Selector — lets you fire a continuous or single high-speed blast. COMPATIBILITY Hardware — Your gamepad works with IBM® and compatible PCs equipped with a joystick port, using the industry-standard 15-pin D subminiature connector. Joystick ports are also available on game cards and enhanced sound cards. Important Notes: • To take advantage of all of your gamepad’s features, you must have a game card with a single dual port installed in your computer. (A dual- port game card is designed to run two 2-button joysticks or gamepads at the same time (using a Y-connector)). • You must have DirectX® 5.0 or above installed on your computer to properly test the gamepad with the included driver. If necessary, you can download DirectX at Software — You can use your gamepad with Windowsa 95 or 98 and any PC- compatible software that supports a gamepad. Note: The function of each of the gamepad’s buttons depend on the game you are playing. Consult your game’s owner’s manual for more information. © 1999 Tandy Corporation. All Rights Reserved. RadioShack is a registered trademark used by Tandy Corporation. USING THE GAMEPAD Cautions: • Always turn off your computer before connecting or disconnecting the gamepad from the game port. • When disconnecting the gamepad from the computer, hold and gently pull on the connector plug. Do not pull the cable. L2 R2 OFF/NORMAL/TURBO L1 R1 Thumb-Control Pad D C A B 1. Turn off the computer. 2. Insert the gamepad’s connector into game port A on your computer, then turn on the computer. 3. If the game you want to play uses all eight of the gamepad’s buttons, set OFF/NORMAL/TURBO to NORMAL (for normal fire when you press a button) or to TURBO (for high-speed turbo fire when you hold down a button). Otherwise, set OFF/TURBO/AUTO to OFF to use only the buttons marked A, B, C, and D on your gamepad. 4. Install the driver (see “Installing The Supplied Driver” on Page 3), configure the gamepad (see “Configuring the Gamepad” on Page 3), then load the game software according to the game's owner's manual. Note: Depending on the game you are playing, turbo fire might work differently. Try each game with and without it to determine what works best. 5. Hold the gamepad in both hands and press A, B, C, or D with your right thumb while pressing the thumb-control pad with your left thumb. In many games, you can use the red buttons on your gamepad (marked L1 and L2 (left) and R1 and R2 (right)) for throttle and rudder control. For maximum comfort, keep your elbows close to your sides and rest your forearms on your lap if you play for a long time. INSTALLING THE SUPPLIED DRIVER Follow these steps to install the driver from the supplied diskette. 1. Set OFF/NORMAL/TURBO to NORMAL. 2. Close all programs in use, then insert the supplied diskette into your computer’s floppy disk drive. 3. Click Start, click Run, type A:SETUP.EXE, then press Enter. 4. Follow the instructions that appear. CONFIGURING THE GAMEPAD Note: To calibrate the gamepad and map the gamepad’s buttons using the driver included on the supplied diskette, refer to the README.TXT file also included on the diskette. 1. Set OFF/NORMAL/TURBO to NORMAL. 2. From the Start Menu, select Settings, then click on Control Panel. 3. Double-click the joystick icon then remove all existing game controllers. 4. Click on Add, select 8-Fire Button Digital Gamepad Ver 1, then click OK. 5. Click on Properties, click on Calibrate, then follow the instructions that appear. 6. When you have finished calibrating the gamepad, click FINISH then click TEST (near the top of the screen). Press the gamepad’s buttons to test them. CARE To enjoy your gamepad for a long time: • Keep the gamepad dry. If it gets wet, wipe it dry immediately. • Use and store the gamepad only in normal temperature environments. • Handle the gamepad gently and carefully. Don’t drop it. • Keep the gamepad away from dust and dirt. • Wipe the gamepad with a damp cloth occasionally to keep it looking new. Modifying or tampering with the gamepad’s internal components can cause a malfunction and invalidate its warranty. If your gamepad is not performing as it should, take it to your local RadioShack store for assistance. Limited Ninety-Day Warranty This product is warranted by RadioShack against manufacturing defects in material and workmanship under normal use for ninety (90) days from the date of purchase from RadioShack company-owned stores and authorized RadioShack franchisees and dealers. EXCEPT AS PROVIDED HEREIN, RadioShack MAKES NO ...

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