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Инструкция по эксплуатации Microsoft, модель X136898501

Производитель: Microsoft
Размер: 3.42 mb
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To attach your hard drive: 1 Turn off your console. 2 R emove the hard drive bay cover from your console. 3 Position the hard drive over the hard drive bay with the thin end (the front) pointed toward the front of the console and the thick end (the back) pointed toward the back of the console. 4 Place the back of the hard drive against the back of the hard drive bay. Make sure the ridge along the back of the hard drive rests beneath the lip on the back of the hard drive bay. 5 Push the front end of the hard drive down until the tab clicks. To remove your hard drive: 1 Turn off your console. 2 Press the tab on the front of the hard drive and lift the unit from the console. IMPORTANT Avoid touching hard drive bay contacts or hard drive connector contacts with fingers or metal objects. ATTACH AND REMOVE YOUR HARD DRIVE PERSONALIZE YOUR HARD DRIVE You can personalize your hard drive by giving it a name. To give your hard drive a name: 1 With the hard drive attached to the Xbox 360 console, select System, Memory. COPY OR DELETE SAVED ITEMS 2 Highlight your hard drive. 3 choose Device Options and rename your hard drive. once your hard drive has been personalized, you can identify it by its new name. english You can move items on your hard drive to a memory unit. You can also free space on your hard drive by deleting items. To move or delete an item from your hard drive: 1 With the hard drive attached to the Xbox 360 console, select System, Memory. 2 select your hard drive. 3 choose the type of item, then the specific item that you want to move to another location or delete from the hard drive. NOTES • once you have transferred the contents of your original hard drive to your 120-GB hard drive, you will not be able to move files from one hard drive to another. • content can’t be stored on two hard drives simultaneously. You can, however, put the same content on multiple drives using the standard procedures for doing so, such as ripping tracks from your cds. • if you delete content originally included with your hard drive, it cannot be restored. Make sure you do not want to keep any content before deletion. TROUBLESHOOTING if you encounter problems, try the possible solutions provided below. Hard Drive Not a Listed Storage Device if your hard drive is not listed as a storage device, try the following steps, in order. 1 Make sure the hard drive is fully inserted into the hard drive bay and looks level. Turn the console off, then on again. 2 Turn the console off and remove the hard drive. Turn the console on and then off again. reattach the hard drive. IF YOU NEED MORE HELP 3 if available, try the hard drive on another console, or try another hard drive on your console to pinpoint the problem. NOTE damaged hard drives will not show up in the Xbox Guide and could harm your Xbox 360 console. Hard drives that have been crushed, immersed in liquids, or exposed to intense heat may be damaged beyond use and will not show up in your list of storage devices. english Go to or call Xbox customer support: • united states and canada: 1-8004MY- XBoX (1-800-469-9269) TTY users: 1-866-740-XBoX (1866- 740-9269) do not take your Xbox 360 console or its accessories to your retailer for repair or service unless instructed to do so by an Xbox customer support representative. english ! Do Not Attempt Repairs do not attempt to take apart, service, or modify the Xbox 360 console, power supply, or its accessories in any way. doing so could present the risk of serious injury or death from electric shock or fire, and it will void your warranty. DISPOSAL OF WASTE ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT (WEEE) IN THE EUROPEAN UNION AND OTHER COUNTRIES WITH SEPARATE COLLECTION SYSTEMS This symbol on the product or its packaging means that this product must not be disposed of with your household waste. instead, it is your responsibility to hand this over to an applicable collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. This separate collection and recycling will help to conserve natural resources and prevent potential negative consequences for human health and the environment, which inappropriate disposal could cause due to the possible presence of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. For more information about where to drop off your electrical and electronic waste, please contact your local city/ municipality office, your household waste disposal service, or the shop where you purchased this product. contact weee@microsoft.com for additional information on Weee. 10 FOR CUSTOMERS IN THE UNITED STATES This device complies with Part 15 of the Fcc rules. operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. Trade Name: Microsoft corp. Address: one Microsoft Way redmond, Wa 98052 u.s.a. Responsible Microsoft corporati...

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