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Инструкция по эксплуатации Screenlife, модель Scene It? Simpsons

Производитель: Screenlife
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Game Tip: If you play Scene It? many times, you may eventually start seeing the same clips over again. Don’t worry! Each clip has multiple questions associated with it. So pay attention, because you never know what you will be asked! Note: Players are never skipped as the result of an All Play challenge—play always proceeds sequentially around the table. If two players simultaneously answer an All Play correctly, Tie Breakers® is selected from the Game Menu. If no one answers correctly, play proceeds to the next player. Note: If you receive an All Play that you have seen in a previous game, just hit the RETURN button on your remote and another All Play challenge will appear. Buzz Cards Depending on the Buzz Card you get, you or an opponent may move ahead or be knocked back spaces on the game board. A player must read the Buzz Card aloud and follow the instructions on the card as soon as it is drawn. Then, it’s the next player’s turn. Some Buzz Cards may be kept and can be played later in the game. These Buzz Cards can only be used before the intended recipient’s turn begins—not after they have rolled the dice. Player’s Choice Rolling this allows the player to choose any category that appears on the Category Die. When a player rolls a Trivia Card challenge, one of the opposing players draws a card from the front of the box. After the appropriate question has been read, the DVD Master selects Start Timer and the player must give the correct answer before the timer reaches zero. The card should be placed in the back of the box when finished. Eye on Springfield Select a Trivia Card and answer a question about The Simpsons who, what, when, where or why. The Lowest Form of Communication Select a Trivia Card and answer a question about songs or dialogue from The Simpsons. You Might Remember Me From... Select a Trivia Card and answer a question about the world of pop culture surrounding The Simpsons. If a player wins any challenge while on a Double Feature space, on their next roll, they move twice the number of spaces shown on the Numbered Die. DVD Challenges Trivia Challenges Buzz and Player’s Choice Double Feature Space When a player reaches the end of the game path, they must stop on the space labeled Stop, no matter what they may have rolled. Their first attempt to win the game is with an All Play to Win challenge. All Play to Win The DVD Master chooses All Play to Win from the Game Menu and all players compete in this special variation of All Play. If the rolling player wins the challenge, that player advances directly to the winner’s circle and instantly wins the game! If they do not win the challenge, they must move to the outer most Final Cut® ring and await their next turn. If another player answers the All Play to Win correctly they have the option of forcing an opponent to take a Buzz card or moving forward 3 spaces. Final Cut For any player who has landed on a Final Cut ring, the DVD Master chooses Final Cut from the Game Menu and follows the on-screen instructions. The numbers on the Final Cut rings correspond to the number of challenges required to win the game. Players start on the outermost ring (marked 3) and attempt to complete three challenges. If they successfully complete the challenges, they win the game! If they do not complete all three challenges correctly, they move in one ring and await their next turn for another chance to win. If a player loses a challenge while on the last Final Cut ring, they will remain on 1 until they answer correctly or the game ends. Note: Players/teams in the Final Cut ring are immune to Buzz cards. © 2009 Screenlife, LLC. All rights reserved. Pat. Nos. 6,987,925, 7,223,170 7,285,044 and D470,537(U.S.), I 250429 and 202059 (Taiwan), 245590 (Mexico) and 536453 and 536481(New Zealand). Tie Breakers®, Scene It?®, Final Cut®, Screenlife®, The DVD Game, Flextime®, and Optreve® are trademarks of Screenlife, LLC. THE SIMPSONS ™ & © 2009 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Options Shorter Play For a shorter game, fold the board into its smaller circle shape and be sure to roll the Numbered Die and move before answering questions. Longer Play For longer game play advance your Token only after getting the question right. Party Play Keep your guests entertained all night by selecting Party Play from the Main Menu, and enjoy one great puzzler or clip after another. For more game play options, visit our website at sceneit.com! Winning the Game My Play Challenges The DVD Master selects My Play from the on-screen Game Menu, and a My Play challenge will follow. ONLY THE ROLLING PLAYER/TEAM MAY ATTEMPT TO ANSWER THE ON-SCREEN CHALLENGE. If the roller answers correctly, they roll both dice again and continue their turn until answering incorrectly. If they answer incorrectly, play proceeds clockwise to the next player. All Play Challenges The DVD Master selects All Play from the on-screen Game Menu. ALL PLAYERS SHOULD WATCH THE CHALLENGE THAT FOLLOWS AND A...

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