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Инструкция по эксплуатации Dito Dean, модель D50

Производитель: Dito Dean
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Contact factory with the following information when performing conversions: • Fryer Serial Number • Fryer Model Number • Gas Type • Operating Altitude Conversions can only be executed by qualified, factory-authorized personnel. Pilot pressure adjustment Pressure flow adjustment (remove cover screw to access) ON/OFF Gas-Cock Knob Pilot gas supply connection. Regulator Vent (remove cover screw to access) Typical non-CE gas valve. Gas valve shown is for electronic-ignition equipped fryers. 3-7 DECATHLON SERIES GAS FRYERS (NON-CE) CHAPTER 3: INSTALLATION 3.6 Electrical Connections The fryer when installed must be electrically grounded in accordance with local codes, or in the absence of local codes, with the National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA 70-(latest edition). DANGER This fryer is equipped with a three-prong (grounding) plug for protection against electrical shock and must be plugged directly into a properly grounded, three-prong receptacle. DO NOT CUT, REMOVE, OR OTHERWISE BYPASS THE GROUNDING PRONG ON THIS PLUG! The rating plate and wiring diagram are located inside the front door. The fryer is equipped with a 120VAC single-phase 60-hertz system (Domestic), or 230VAC single-phase 50-hertz system (International/CE). Do not cut or remove the ground prong from the power cord plug. Do not attempt to use the fryer during a power outage. DANGER This appliance requires electrical power for operation. Place the gas control valve in the OFF position in case of a prolonged power outage. Do not attempt to operate this appliance during a power outage. 3-8 DECATHLON SERIES GAS FRYERS (NON-CE) CHAPTER 4: FRYER OPERATIONS 4.1 Initial Start-up WARNING The on-site supervisor is responsible for ensuring that operators are made aware ofthe inherent hazards of operating a hot oil frying system, particularly the aspects of system operation, oil filtration, draining and cleaning procedures. Cleaning: New units are wiped clean with solvents at the factory to remove any visible signs of dirt, oil, grease, etc. remaining from the manufacturing process, then coated lightly with oil. Before any food preparation, wash thoroughly with hot, soapy water to remove any film residue and dust or debris then rinse out and wipe dry. Also wash any accessories shipped with the unit. Close the drain valve completely and remove the crumb screen covering the heating tubes. Ensure the screws holding the thermostat and high-limit control sensing bulbs into the frypot are tight. Typical high-limit/sensor probe locations and mounting hardware. WARNING Do not bang fry baskets or other utensils on the fryer’s joiner strip. The strip ispresent to seal the joint between the frypot. Banging fry baskets on the strip todislodge shortening will distort the strip, adversely affecting its fit. It is designed for a tight fit and should only be removed for cleaning. DANGER Never operate this appliance with an empty frypot. The frypot must be filled withwater or cooking oil/shortening before lighting the burners. Failure to do so will damage the frypot and may cause a fire. WARNING When checking for burner ignition or performance, do not get too close to the burners. Slow ignition can cause possible flashback, increasing the potential for facial and body burns. 4-1 DECATHLON SERIES GAS FRYERS (NON-CE) CHAPTER 4: FRYER OPERATIONS 4.1.1 Pilot Lighting Procedures, Standing Pilot Only Initial Pilot Lighting: All Dean fryers are tested, adjusted and calibrated to sea level conditions before leaving the factory. Adjustments to assure proper operation of pilot may be necessary on installation to meet local conditions, low gas pressure, differences in altitude and variations in gas characteristics. These adjustments correct possible problems caused by rough handling or vibration during shipment, and are to be performed only by qualified service personnel. These adjustments are the responsibility of the customer and/or the dealer and are not covered by the Dean Industries warranty. The inlet pipe at the lower rear of the fryer brings incoming gas to the pilot safety control valve, then to the pilot and main burners. The pilot is located high in the cabinet center, at the base of the frypot. Light the pilot as follows: 1. Turn off the manual shut-off valve on the incoming service line. 2. Turn the operating thermostat or the computer off. 3. Depress the pilot gas cock dial on the combination control valve and turn to "OFF". 4. Wait approximately 5 minutes for accumulated gas to disperse. Note: Inspect high-limit thermostat/temperature probe location prior to filling frypot with water or oil. Ensure that connecting hardware is intact and bulbs are properly attached. 5. Fill the frypot with oil or water to the bottom OIL LEVEL line scribed on the frypot back. Ensure that heating tubes are covered in liquid prior to engaging burners. 6. Open the manual shut-off valve on the incoming service line. 7. Apply lighted match or taper to the pilot burner head. 8. Turn the gas cock d...

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