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Инструкция по эксплуатации Bloomfield, модель WFPE-30F

Производитель: Bloomfield
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THIS MANUAL MUST BE READ AND UNDERSTOOD BY ALL PERSONS USING OR INSTALLING THIS FRYER. Contact your WELLS DEALER if you have any questions concerning installation, operation or maintenance of this equipment. ELECTRIC PRESSURE FRYER MODEL WFPE-30F Part No. 301626 Rev (-) M362 111500 cps INSTALLATION, OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE MANUAL FOR WELLS MANUFACTURING COMPANY 2 ERIK CIRCLE, P. O. Box 280 Verdi, NV 89439 Customer Service (775) 345-0444 Ext.502 fax: (775) 345-0569 362 LIMITED WARRANTY STATEMENT All commercial cooking equipment manufactured by The prices charged by Wells Mfg. Co.for its prod- WELLS MFG. CO. is warranted against defects in ucts are based upon the limitations in this warranty. materials and workmanship for a period of one year Seller’s obligation under this warranty is limited to from the date of original installation or 18 months the repair of defects without charge by a Wells Mfg. from the date of shipment from our factory, which-Co. factory authorized service agency or one of its ever comes first, and is for the benefit of the origi-sub-service agencies. This service will be provided nal purchaser only. on customer’s premises for non-portable models. THIS WARRANTY IS THE COMPLETE AND ONLY Portable models (a device with a cord and plug) must WARRANTY, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED IN LAW be taken or shipped to the closest authorized ser- OR IN FACT, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO, vice agency, transportation charges prepaid, for ser- WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FIT-vice. In addition to restrictions contained in this war- NESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE, AND/ ranty, specific limitations are shown in the Service OR FOR DIRECT, INDIRECT OR CONSEQUEN-Policy and Procedure Guide. Wells Mfg. Co. autho- TIAL DAMAGES IN CONNECTION WITH WELLS rized service agencies are located in principal cities. MFG. CO. PRODUCTS. This warranty is void if it is This warranty is valid in the United States and determined that, upon inspection by an authorized Canada and void elsewhere. Please consult your service agency, the equipment has been modified, classified telephone directory, your foodservice equip- misused, misapplied, improperly installed, or dam-ment dealer or write the Factory Service Department, aged in transit or by fire, flood or act of God. It also Wells Manufacturing Company, P.O. Box 280, Verdi, does not apply if the serial nameplate has been re-Nevada 89439, phone (775) 345-0444 or (888) 492 moved, or if service is performed by unauthorized 2782, for information and other details concerning personnel. warranty. SERVICE POLICY AND PROCEDURE GUIDE ADDITIONAL WARRANTY EXCLUSIONS 1. Resetting of safety thermostats, circuit breakers, overload protectors, and/or fuse replacements are not covered by this warranty unless warranted conditions are the cause. 2. All problems due to operation at voltages or phase other than specified on equipment nameplates are not covered by this warranty. Conversion to correct voltage and/or phase must be the customers responsibility. 3. All problems due to electrical connections not made in accordance with electrical code requirements and wiring diagrams supplied with the equipment are not covered by this warranty. 4. Replacement of items subject to normal wear, to include such items as knobs, light bulbs; and, normal maintenance functions including adjustments of thermostats, adjustment of micro switches and replacement of fuses and indicating lights are not covered by warranty. 5. Servicing of filters must be the customer’s responsibility. Replacement of filters and all problems associated with clogged filters are not covered by this waranty. Inadequate airflow due to a clogged filter and/or grease baffle will disable fryers equipped with a ventilation hood. Manufacturer assumes no responsibility for loss of business resulting from owner’s failure to have replacement filters available when existing filters reach the end of their service life. 6. Set-up, adjustment, calibration, repair and servicing of third party equipment and systems, such as fire suppression systems, are not covered by this warranty, and must be the customer’s responsibility. 7. Full use, care, and maintenance instructions are supplied with each machine. Noted maintenance and preventative maintenance items, such as servicing and cleaning schedules, are customer responsibility. Those miscellaneous adjustments noted are customer responsibility. Proper attention to preventatve maintenance and scheduled maintenance procedures will prolong the life of the machine. 8. Travel mileage is limited to sixty (60) miles from an Authorized Service Agency or one of its sub-service agencies. 9. All labor shall be performed during regular working hours. Overtime premium will be charged to the buyer. 10. All genuine Wells replacement parts are warranted for ninety (90) days from date of purchase on non-warranty equipment. This parts warranty is limited only to replacement of the defective part(s). Any...

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