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Инструкция по эксплуатации Kodak, модель W1020

Производитель: Kodak
Размер: 1.33 mb
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Фрагмент инструкции

See the frame package for package contents. ENGLISH Front View 3124 1 LCD screen 2 Quick Touch border (bottom, tap/slide) 3 Quick Touch border (right side, tap only) 4 LED lights NOTE: When screen icons appear, LED lights turn on at touch-sensitive points along the Quick Touch Borders. To use the touch border, see page 4. Back/Right View 1234 1 Audio In 2 Audio Out 3 DC-In (12V) 4 Speakers 1 Back/Side View 56784123 1 Power button 5 Volume button 2 Wall mounting holes 6 Memory card slot - CF, MD 3 Rotating/extending stand 7 USB connector (to camera/USB device) 4 Memory card slot -SD, MMC, MS, xD 8 USB connector (to computer) 1 1 Getting started Setting up the stand; attaching the power cable Your frame is set up to display pictures in landscape orientation. You can turn the stand to change it to portrait but you must also change the setting (see the extended user guide). Turning on your frame Stand (pull out to adjust the frame angle) Your power cable may look different from the one pictured. Use the plug that accommodates your type of power outlet. Power button- press and hold for 2 seconds, then release. Tap lights below buttons Slide on bottom border OK Tap lights below buttons Slide on bottom border OK Getting started Using your frame’s Quick Touch Borders Slide to scroll: Scroll through images—Like turning the pages of a book, slide left < to go forward, slide right > to go back. For faster scrolling through larger numbers of pictures, touch and hold (3 seconds), then slide to the end of the border. Scroll through menus—Slide right > to scroll down, slide left < to scroll up. ** Tap below small arrows at the ends of the scroll bar to move the highlight one picture, menu, or item at a time. IMPORTANT: The screen is not touch-sensitive. Do not touch it. Only use your finger to touch the borders. Sharp or metal objects may damage the border or scree Touch tips Tap and slide on the Quick Touch Borders* only. Tap a border to display the icons. Tap Close to dismiss them. Tap the light closest to a button to select it. Slide to highlight menus, pictures, videos, options.** Tap OK to select them. Don’t hover, borders can be sensitive. only Tap lights next to buttons (No sliding here) Home Play slide show Done Close *Quick Touch Borders Getting started Setting your language The language screen appears the first time you turn on your frame. ¦ Slide (or tap below slider arrows) on the bottom border to highlight your language, then tap Save. NOTE: Slide left/right on the lights to move up or down the list. To change the language at a later time: ¦ Tap (Home) > (Settings) > Language. The language screen appears. Slide to highlight your language, then tap Save. Connecting to your wireless network After...

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