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Инструкция по эксплуатации BEA, модель Jamb Style PBJ Series

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Activates no matter where pressed. Stainless steel finish will not deteriorate/rust where it is touched and is scratch and scuff resistant Text and logo are baked onto the surface for leading durability Push plates come in multiple colors and styles that meet specifications and customer requests Weather boot between plate and back plate for all weather applications Lifetime warranty allows you to save money in the long run HALMA CROUP COMPANY 3EA P NEW HORIZONS Components H Front Plate H Back Plate Weatherboot J Cherry Switch Technical Specifications a. 16 gauge, 304 2B Stainless Steel Faceplate PBJ Series b. 1/8" thick, Aluminum Backplate c. Stainless Steel 6-32 x 1"Allen head mounting screws d. Cherry Switch: Single-pole, 15A, COM/ NO/ NC contacts e. 5/64" Allen key removes 6-32 mounting screws f. Wire nuts g. Mounting template Custom Specifications BEA proposes a variety of custom solutions for your push plates: Abrasive Etching/Engraved-This method creates a very accurate and deep "scratch" in the plate that is then filled with paint to create the custom logo/text on the surface of the plate. Pad Printed - Logo/text is stamped onto the surface of the steel plate using a special pad. The logo is only printed onto the surface of the plate. Embossing - This process requires the use of a special tool designed to punch the back of the face plate with the custom information. A special coating is added to create a dramatic 3D embossing for your push plate. 10PBJ1 - Text and Logo 10PBJ10- Plain 6 P'Jbli OPEN Contact Information BEA Inc. RIDC Park West 100 ENTERPRISE DRIVE PITTSBURGH, PA 15275 PHONE 1-412-249-4100 FAX 1-888-523-2462 TOLL FREE 1-800-5 BEA INC BEA West 190 East Arrow Highway Suite A San Dimas, CA 91773-3314 FAX 1-888-523-2462 TOLL FREE 1-877-232-9378 10PBJ1B - Text and Logo blue 10PBJLB - Logo only blue Mounting Components 10BOXJAMBFM Jamb Flush Mount Box 10BOXJAMBSM Jamb Surface Mount Box QEA P NEW HORIZONS...

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