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Инструкция по эксплуатации Saleen, модель 10-8002-C12167A

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76 Fairbanks Irvine, CA 92618 949-597-4900 IF YOU ARE NOT EXPERIENCED IN THE AREA OF AUTOMOTIVE MECHANICS, WE STRONGLY URGE THAT YOU REFER THIS INSTALLATION TO A CERTIFIED INSTALLER OR TECHNICIAN 2 Saleen Speedlab Quarter Window Kit Installation Guide for 2005 Mustang Thank you for buying the Saleen Speedlab Quarter Window Kit for the 2005 Mustang. We appreciate your business, and we hope you enjoy your product. For your benefit, please read the following instructions completely and thoroughly before attempting to install the quarter window kit. Many questions we have received from customers about the installation of our products could have been easily solved by information listed in the accompanying installation guide. We want you to enjoy the product in its fully functional state, and reading this tutorial is a great first step to getting you on your way to a more rare and better handling Mustang. Again, thank you for choosing Saleen! 3 Obtain the following tools: • Urethane Primer (CR Laurance Cat # PWR4P) • Pneumatic gun (Cox# 61006-20 Trent 20 oz.) • Narrow Urethane Gun Tip • Urethane (CR Laurance Cat # PWR615HV) • Paint thinner • Masking tape Obtain the following parts: Part Number Description Qty. 06-1101-C09948C QUARTER WINDOW FRAME LH 1 06-1101-C09949C QUARTER WINDOW FRAME RH 1 4 Order of Operations: 1. Using paint thinner, spray surfaces of quarter window frame that will be bonded to the rear quarter panel window, and wipe those surfaces until they are clean and dry. Also clean the quarter window with glass cleaner. Wipe both surfaces dry. (Figures 1 & 2) 2. Apply urethane primer (see p. 4) to the outer edge of the window (Figure 2) and the quarter window frame. 3. Tape off the entire outline of the window (beginning of tape-off shown in Figure 3). The tape should go all the way up to the groove around the window, but not into the groove. (This is to make sure the urethane does not get on the car) 4. With the narrow tip on the pneumatic gun (see p. 4), apply urethane (see p. 4) to the groove on the bond-surface of the quarter panel window (Figure 4). Figure 2 5 5. The bead of urethane should be of the size shown in Figure 5, with the bead up against the outer wall of the groove and away from the inner wall (to prevent seepage of urethane onto the window surface). 6. Check for seepage of urethane on the window pane, and wipe clean. Cleaning any urethane seepage right away will make the job easier and the final product more attractive; be careful not to disturb the window panel piece. 7. Tape quarter window frame onto body and allow 24 hours to set before removing tape or checking frame secureness (Figure 6). 6...

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