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Инструкция по эксплуатации Gianni Industries, модель Door

Производитель: Gianni Industries
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See Diode Installation Instructions(page 5) after completing steps 1 through 10 below. Note:Electrical work must be in accordance with national and local electrical codes. If in doubt, consult a qualified electrician. 1. Verify transformer power rating. Power must be supplied from a 16 Volt AC, 10 Watt or a 16 Volt AC, 15 Watt transformer. 2. Remove cover from existing chime. 3. Labelallwiresbeforedisconnecting.Usingmaskingtape,mark each wire according to existing chime terminal markings. • “F” – Front Push Button Wire• “T” – Transformer Wire• “R” – Rear Push Button Wire* 4. Disconnect all wires from existing chime. 5. Remove existing chime base from wall. 6. Determine proper chime base orientation. The chime cover style will determine orientation. 7. Determine cover mounting type. For hanging type covers, cover pin should be exposed (see Figures 1 and 3). Illustrations may vary from actual chime unit. Figure 1 - Electronic Chime Identification(TR-0070-BX Base Shown) Cover Pin (Used for Hanging Type Covers) Volume ControlBase Orientation MarkingWire Entrance HoleMounting Hole (x4) Front Door Tune Selection Switch (On Select Models) “A” - Westminster“B” - WhittingtonTransformer and Push Button Wire ConnectionsContinued 8. Route wires through wire entrance hole in new chime base. 9. Mount chime base to wall using screws and anchors provided. (Drill 7/32" diameter pilot hole for wall anchors.) 10. Connectwire“F”toscrewterminalmarked“FRONT”.Connect wire “T” to screw terminal marked “TRANS”. Connect wire “R” to screw terminal marked “REAR”* (See Figure 2). 11. Install chime cover (see page 4). 12. Connect diode to front push button (see page 5). *Note: Some installations may not include rear door push button. Figure 2 - Electronic Chime Wiring(TR-0070-BX Base Shown) FRONT VOLUME FRONT TUNE A B TRANS REAR FRTExisting Chime WiresWallReplacement Chime BaseRear Door Push Button (if Applicable) FRONT VOLUME FRONT TUNE A B TRANS REAR FRTExisting Chime WiresWallReplacement Chime BaseRear Door Push Button (if Applicable) -3 -4 Figure 4 - Mounting Snap-On Type CoverINSTALL CHIME COVERPlace chime cover securely over base. • For hanging type cover:Remove, turn over, and reinstall the cover pin (see Figure 3). Hang cover on cover pin. • For snap-on type cover:Apply pressure to the cover until it snaps into place (see Figure 4). Firmly grasp cover and pull to remove from base. Note:Never use cleaners or polishes. Never use any fluids on the electronic chime mechanism. Use dry cloth to clean chime cover and base. Figure 3 - Turning Over Cover Pin for Hanging Type CoverCover PinIllustrations may vary from actual chime unit. Snap-On CoverBase Orientation Marking DIODE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONSA small electrical component called a “diode”is required for this chime to play the entire eight-note tune.This diode must be installed on the terminal screws of the front door push button (see Figure 5).If not already installed on push button, attach supplied diode as shown below. If, with the diode in place, the chime does not play the complete eight-note melody, see Troubleshooting, page 6. Figure 5 - Attaching Diode to Front Door Push ButtonDiodeFront Door Push Button (Styles May Vary) Front Door Push Button (Styles May Vary) -5 -6 TROUBLESHOOTINGChime does not sound: • Check Chime:Disconnect wire from terminal marked “TRANS”. Have someone operate push button at front door while you mo- mentarily touch the “TRANS” wire to terminal marked “FRONT”. You will see a small spark if push button, wiring, and transformer are operating properly. Repeat the steps for “REAR” terminal and rear push button. If wiring between transformer and push button(s) check out properly, replace chime. • Check Transformer:Test transformer volt...

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