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Инструкция по эксплуатации MicroBoards Technology, модель QD-DVD 127

Производитель: MicroBoards Technology
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Quick Erase The Quick Erase function is used to Erase CD-RW and DVD-RW media. This option performs the Quick erase of the discs. Full Erase The Full Erase function is used to Erase CD-RW DVD-RW media. This option performs the Full erase of the discs. Auto Close Tray The Auto Close Tray function will automatically re-close the recorder trays based on the selections made in the Auto Start Drive settings. Select the time period (in seconds) from those shown. The default setting is OFF Quick Compare The Quick Compare function is not enabled on the QD-DVD MultiDrive. The default setting of OFF should not be changed. Audio Burn Speed This allows you to set the burn speed for Audio discs independently of the CD Burn Speed. This burn speed setting will always be used during duplication of audio discs. Note that some burn speeds are not supported by CD-R media, and will burn at the next lowest supported speed. 16 Advanced Setup Menu 11-01 Adv Setup Under Run Protect 11. Advanced Setup Under Run Protect ON 11-02 Adv Setup Overburn 11-03 Adv Setup Read Error Skip 11-04 Adv Setup Burn-In 11-05 Adv Setup Update Firmware 11-06 Adv SetupCompare Firmware 11-07 Adv Setup H/W Diagnostics 11-08 Adv Setup Load Default 11-09 11-10 Adv Setup ISRC & MCN . Adv Setup USB Option Overburn Off Read Error Skip OFF Burn-In Erase & Copy Update F/W A.321 To B.123? YES Last update F/W OK! Runs through controller diagnostics Load Default Config? YES ESC ENT ENT ENT ESC ESC Ў Ў ENT ENT ENT ENT ENT ENT ENT ESC ESC ESC ESC ESC ESC ^ Ў Ў Ў ^ ^ Ў YES NO YES NO Ў Ў Ў Ў Ў Ў ISRC & MCN ON ^ Ў ^ ENT USB Option On Ў ^ Ў Options are ON or Off Options are ON or Off Options are ON or Off Burn-In Test Firmware is updated. To Be Used by Service Personnel ONLY Load Default OK! Options are ON or Off Options are ON or Off Ў CD-Text On Ў ^ Options are ON or ESC 11-11. Adv SetupENT Off CD-Text Ў ESC Ў ESC 11-13. Adv Setup Update Drive F/W 11-12. Adv Setup Disc Counter ENT Disc Counter View ENT View disc counts ENT NOT IN USE Accessing the Advanced Setup Menu The Advanced Setup menu includes options for the more advanced user. questions about using these functions, please contact department. the Microboards If you have any technical support To access the Advanced Setup Menu, press and hold the ESC button for three seconds. 17 UnderRun Protect The UnderRun Protect feature allows the recorder to use Burn Proof during recording. This setting defaults to ON and should remain on. This feature protects against making “coasters” or bad discs. Again, this setting should always remain ON. Overburn The default setting for this feature is OFF. This feature is not supported by the QD-DVD MultiDrive duplicator. Overburn can be used with certain CD recorders, allowing more data to be burned to the disc. Read Error Skip The Read Error Skip feature is used if you wish to ignore read errors during duplication. The default setting is OFF and it is highly recommended that this setting is not changed. If it is turned ON, there is the possibility of creating discs that are not the same as the master. Burn-in The Burn-in function is used to test the operation of the QD-DVD MultiDrive duplicator and is for service purposes only. This function should only be used if directed by Microboards Technical Support. Update Firmware The Update Firmware feature is used to update the controller firmware. 1. To update the firmware: Place the firmware CD into the reader drive (top). 2. Press the ENT button 3. The display will show the current and update firmware Update F/W A.987 versions, as shown to the right: To B.123 YES? 4. Press the ENT button to complete the firmware update. 5. The duplicator will reboot automatically after installing the new firmware. Compare Firmware The Compare Firmware function is used to compare the firmware installed on the controller with the firmware on the CD. H/W Diagnostic Hardware Diagnostics runs a number of tests on the controller. Normally this function is used by service personnel. Load Default The Load Default feature will set all the values back to the factory default settings. ISRC & MCN The ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) & MCN (Media Catalog Number) feature allows you to copy this information from a CD audio master to the blank disc. The default is OFF. Switch USB Mode The Switch USB Mode allows you to enable or disable the ability to use the QD-DVD MultiDrive recorder drive as an external burner for your PC. Selecting ON will allow access to the USB Mode menu, which will appear as menu item 10. Selecting OFF will hide the option in the main menu. The QD-DVD MultiDrive cannot use any function while operating in USB Mode. CD Text This feature allows CD-Text content to be copied from master to blank. The default is OFF. Disc Counter This feature allows you to view the number of successful and unsuccessful burns. The JC OK entry is for successful burns for the entire unit; you can also view the individual drive performance by using the Ў^ butto...

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