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Инструкция по эксплуатации Micro Innovations, модель WJ-HD200/32

Производитель: Micro Innovations
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Actual images may differ. SYSTEM EXAMPLES Digital Disk Recorder WJ-HD220 Internet Ethernet (10Base-T/100Base-TX) PC PC LAN/WAN WV-CU360C WV-CS954 x 4 WV-CP480 x 4 Color Monitor Multi screen Spot WV-CW864A x 2 WV-CS954 x 2 WV-CP480 x 2 WV-CW244 x 2 Color Monitor Multi screen Spot WV-CU650 Digital Disk Recorder WJ-HD220 Standard Network Features • Live Monitoring • Recording • Playback recorded image • Camera Control • Time & Date / List Search • Image storage on a PC • Alarm notification • Setup The WJ-HD220 Series are equipped with a 10Base-T/100Base-TX interface as standard equipment, allowing remote control from a Microsoft® Internet Explorer browser via the Internet, an LAN or WAN. FTP Viewer Software WV-AS20 (optional) Installation of the optional WV-AS20 software allows you to download image data stored in the WJ-HD220 Series. • Up to 10 WJ-HD220 Series Digital Disk Recorders can be registered. • Images can be automatically downloaded at pre-set times. • The zoom feature enlarges images up to 5x. Loaded with Handy Surveillance Features Multi-language Capability The OSD Setup, installation menus and HTML can be displayed in seven languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian*, and Chinese*. *Russian and Chinese in HTML only Simultaneous Recording, Playback, Live or Network Recording continues during playback, live monitoring, and network operations. Electronic Zoom Both played back and live images can be zoomed 2x or 4x* to examine details. *2x only in SIF Mode Motion Detector Feature Sensor detects movement in the area under surveillance and automatically displays the scene. Embedded date and time stamp display Embedding the date and time in the JPEG image enhances reliability. When used as evidence, it strengthens criminal cases. Alarm List Tab Camera Select Button Multi-screen Select Button LIVE SEQUENCE Button CAMERA CONTROL VIEW Button SETUP MENU Button TIME & DATE SEARCH Button Recorder Control Buttons Main Control Panel Network Status Display Channel Number Display (CH) Recorder Status Display Setup is Simple Just click on the setup menu button and the menu opens. The menu makes it easy to select the WJ-HD220 Series and network settings you need. Alarm List Search Feature Use date, time and camera channel to quickly search a list of up to 9,999 alarms. Basic System Network System High image quality with minimal degradation no matter how many times you record and play back. No need to change and store tapes, so costs are lower. Quick retrieval of exactly the scenes you want. Plus, full-featured surveillance capability. This advanced hard disk storage system makes recording simple, and easy. Stores up to about three (3) years of continuous input from up to eight cameras (NORMAL 720H x 240V Mode, Normal Recording Mode, 0.1 FPS) The WJ-HD220/32 comes with a 320GB hard disk as standard equipment. That’s enough storage for up to about three (3) years (1,080 days) of continuous image data input* from eight cameras. Once installed, addressing is automatic. No additional operations are required. The WJ-HD220/16 comes with a 160GB hard disk as standard equipment, with the option of adding a second 160GB disk. *See the DISK DATA REFERENCE CHART at the foot of this page. Twice as long in SIF Mode The WJ-HD220 Series also support SIF (352H x 240V) Mode, which reduce image data volume by half, thus doubling the number of days / hours of data that the hard disk can store. Coaxial cabling supports direct control of cameras Connecting the WJ-HD220 Series directly to Panasonic PTZ cameras through channels 1 to 4 allows direct control of cameras with the System Controllers WV-CU650 or WV-CU360C (optional). Cache captures images before sensor signals movement Pre-Alarm Screen This feature allows you to view images from up to five seconds before alarm signals are received from external sensors or motion detectors. When multiple alarms are received, images from all alarmed cam...

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