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Инструкция по эксплуатации Emprex, модель 15"wideLCD Monitor none

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PRECAUTIONS Information for users applicable in European Union countries 1 Information for users applicable in United States of America 11 Power connection 1 Maintenance 1 Transporting the monitor 1 GETTING STARTED Package contents 2 Monitor installation 2 Identifying parts and controls 3 Working with OSD Group 3 Customizing your Monitor 3 Introduction to Hotkeys 4The operation of Function menu 4 OSD icon list 5 Troubleshooting 6 Technical Features and Specifications7 Interface Frequency 7 Addendum Advanced Power Saving Mode 8 FCC compliance 10 - 1 - PRECAUTIONS Transporting the monitor 1.When carrying the display for repair or servicing, please first disassemble the monitor and pack in its original packing. To disassemble the neck and base, please press the "release button" located on the back of the neck and detach the neck/base, then remove the base from the neck by pressing the “release tabs” located under the base plate and pull the neck off the base, finally use the original carton and packing materials to wrap the display and its accessories. 5.Disconnect the power cable from the power supply if: 5.1 You will not use the monitor for an extended period. 5.2 The cable is damaged or frayed. 5.3 The monitor has been dropped or the cabinet damaged. 5.4 A distinct change in performance indicates a need for servicing. Maintenance 1.Clean the cabinet and controls with a soft cloth lightly moistened with a mild detergent solution. Do not use any abrasive materials or solvents such as alcohol or benzene. 2.Do not rub, touch, or tap the surface of the screen with sharp or abrasive items such as pens or screwdrivers, as the screen may scratch. 3.Do not insert objects or spill liquids into the ventilation ports on the monitor’s rear, as fire, electric shock, and / or unit failure may result. Installation 1. Do not cover or block the ventilation ports on the rear of the monitor. 2. Do not install the monitor close to heat sources such as radiators or air ducts, or in a location exposed to direct sunlight, excessive dust, mechanical vibration,or shock. 3.The apparatus shall only be used between 5° tilted forward and 14° tilted backward as normal operation position. If the tilt angle exceeds 14°, it shall be used for wall mounting or packaging only. Information for users applicable in European Union countries The symbol on the product or its packaging signifies that this product has to be disposed separately from ordinary household wastes at its end of life. Please kindly be aware that this is your responsibility to dispose electronic equipment at recycling centers so as to help conserve natural resources. Each country in the European Union should have its collection centers for electrical and electronic equipment recycling. For information about your recycling drop off area, please contact your local related electrical and electronic equipment waste management authority or the retailer where you bought the product. Information for users applicable in United States of America LAMP(S) INSIDE THIS PRODUCT CONTAIN MERCURY AND MUST BE RECYCLED OR DISPOSED OF ACCORDING TO LOCAL, STATE OR FEDERAL LAWS. FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT THE ELECTRONIC INDUSTRIES ALLIANCE AT WWW.EIAE.ORG. FOR LAMP SPECIFIC DISPOSAL INFORMATION CHECK WWW.LAMPRECYCLE.ORG. Power connection 1.Use the correct power cord for your local voltage. 2.Use an accessible outlet close to the monitor. 3.Do not allow anything to rest on the power cable. 4.Only use the power adapter attached to the monitor. - 2 - GETTING STARTED 1.Setting up the monitor 1.1 Take out the monitor, stand and monitor base from the package. 1.2 Place the monitor base on the desk and then slide the neck into the slots of base. (Make sure the direction of the neck is correct.) 1.3 Grasp the monitor with both hands and then slide the monitor into the neck. (Make sure the direction of the neck is correct) 2.Connecting signal cable 2.1 Switch off your computer. 2.2 Connect the signal cable to the D-SUB port at the rear of the monitor and tighten the connector screws 2.3 Connect the other end of signal cable to the computer's VGA port port and tighten the connector screws. 2.4 Note: Ensure the display setting does not exceed 1280X720@75Hz. 3.Connecting audio cable (with audio option) 3.1 Plug the audio cable into the AUDIO port at the rear of the monitor. 3.2 Plug the other end of the audio cable into the audio port of your computer or other audio source. Package contents Monitor installation Before beginning, ensure that the carton contains the following items: 1. LCD Monitor 2. Monitor Base and Neck (the shape of base may vary according to the monitor model) 3. Power Cord (plug may vary according to the electrical standards for your area) 4. Analog Signal Cable 5. Audio Cable (optional) 6. CD-ROM (contains user manual) 7. Quick Installation Guide 4.Connecting power 4.1 Plug the female end of the power cord into the POWER port at the rear of the monitor. 4.2 Plug the male end of the powe...

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