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Инструкция по эксплуатации Kawasaki, модель RH1-090048

Производитель: Kawasaki
Размер: 4.82 mb
Название файла: 44ab8bcc-2d65-4b11-a6b3-a37b0b2f7e40.pdf
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H HHo ool lld dd t tto ooo ool ll b bby yy i iin nns ssu uul lla aat tte eed dd g ggr rri iip ppp ppi iin nng gg s ssu uur rrf ffa aac cce ees ss w wwh hhe een nn p ppe eer rrf ffo oor rrm mmi iin nng gg a aan nn o oop ppe eer rra aat tti iio oon nn w wwh hhe eer rre ee t tth hhe ee c ccu uut ttt tti iin nng gg t tto ooo ool ll m mma aay yy c cco oon nnt tta aac cct tt h hhi iid ddd dde een nn w wwi iir rri iin nng gg. .. Contact with a “live” wire will also make exposed metal parts of the tool “live” and shock the operator. W WWh hhe een nn r rri iip ppp ppi iin nng gg a aal llw wwa aay yys ss u uus sse ee a aa r rri iip pp f ffe een nnc cce ee o oor rr s sst ttr rra aai iig ggh hht tt e eed ddg gge ee g ggu uui iid dde ee. .. This improves the accuracy of the cut and reduces the chance for blade binding. A AAl llw wwa aay yys ss u uus sse ee b bbl lla aad dde ees ss w wwi iit tth hh c cco oor rrr rre eec cct tt s ssi iiz zze ee a aan nnd dd s ssh hha aap ppe ee ( (( d ddi iia aam mmo oon nnd dd v vvs ss. .. r rro oou uun nnd dd) )) a aar rrb bbo oor rr h hho ool lle ees ss. .. Blades that do not match the mounting hardware of the saw will run eccentrically, causing loss of control. N NNe eev vve eer rr u uus sse ee d dda aam mma aag gge eed dd o oor rr i iin nnc cco oor rrr rre eec cct tt b bbl lla aad dde ee w wwa aas ssh hhe eer rrs ss o oor rr b bbo ool llt tts ss. .. The blade washers and bolts were specifically designed for your saw, for optimum performance and safety of operation. SSAAFFEETTYY RRUULLEESS FFOORR CCIIRRCCUULLAARR SSAAWW NNEEVVEERR aassssuummee tthhee bbllaaddee hhaass ssttooppppeedd jjuusstt bbeeccaauussee tthhee ttrriiggggeerr hhaass bbeeeenn rreelleeaasseedd.. Blades may continue moving even after the motor AAllwwaayyss wweeaarr ssaaffeettyy ggoogggglleess oorr eeyyee pprrootteeccttiioonn wwhheenn uussiinngg tthhiiss ttooooll.. UUssee aa dduusstt mmaasskk oorr rreessppiirraattoorr ffoorr aapppplliiccaattiioonnss wwhhiicchh ggeenneerraattee dduusstt.. This saw may throw up debris that could lodge IInnssppeecctt tthhee bboollttss aanndd bbllaaddee wwaasshheerrss bbeeffoorree eeaacchh uussee.. Damaged or incorrect bolts or blade washers can 7 WWhheenn uussiinngg tthhee CCiirrccuullaarr SSaaww, , aallwwaayyss mmaaiinnttaaiinn aa ffiirrmm ggrriipp oonn tthhee ttooooll wwiitthh bbootthh hhaannddss.. NNeevveerr ppuutt yyoouurr hhaannddss oorr ffeeeett iinn tthhee ccuuttttiinngg aarreeaa.. DDoo nnoott ggrraasspp tthhee ttooooll oorr ppllaaccee yyoouurr hhaannddss ttoooo cclloossee ttoo tthhee bbllaaddee.. Keep your hands well away from the blade. Never reach underneath the tool while the blade is in motion. Do not use your legs or feet to stabilize the work piece. KKeeeepp tthhee hhaannddllee ooff tthhee CCoorrddlleessss CCiirrccuullaarr SSaaww ddrryy, , cclleeaann aanndd ffrreeee ffrroomm ooiill aanndd ggrreeaassee. . DDoo nnoott rruunn tthhee CCoorrddlleessss CCiirrccuullaarr SSaaww wwhhiillee ccaarrrryyiinngg iitt aatt yyoouurr ssiiddee.. A mov- ing blade could cause serious personal injury. DDiissccoonnnneecctt bbaatttteerryy ppaacckk ffrroomm ttooooll aanndd ppllaaccee tthhee sswwiittcchh iinn tthhee lloocckkeedd oorr ““ OOFFFF”” ppoossiittiioonn bbeeffoorree mmaakkiinngg aannyy aasssseemmbbllyy aaddjjuussttmmeennttss,, cchhaannggiinngg aacccceess-- ssoorriieess,, ppeerrffoorrmmiinngg aannyy iinnssppeeccttiioonn,, mmaaiinntteennaannccee oorr cclleeaanniinngg pprroocceedduurreess.. Such preventive safety measures reduce the risk of starting the tool accidentally which could cause serious personal injury. BBee eexxttrraa ccaarreeffuull wwhheenn ccuuttttiinngg iinn hhiigghh oorr hhaarrdd-- ttoo-- rreeaacchh llooccaattiioonnss.. AAvvooiidd ssaaww-- iinngg oovveerrhheeaadd.. Be on the lookout for hidden wires and falling debris. DDoo nnoott uussee tthhee CCoorrddlleessss CCiirrccuullaarr SSaaww iiff iitt hhaass bbeeeenn ddaammaaggeedd,, lleefftt oouuttddoooorrss iinn tthhee rraaiinn,, ssnnooww, , wweett oorr ddaammpp eennvviirroonnmmeennttss,, oorr iimmmmeerrsseedd iinn lliiqquuiidd.. MMaaiinnttaaiinn llaabbeellss aanndd nnaammeeppllaatteess oonn tthhee CCoorrddlleessss CCiirrccuullaarr SSaaww. . These carry impor- tant information. If unreadable or missing, contact Alltrade for a replacement. CCAAUUSSEESS AANNDD PPRREEVVEENNTTIIOONN OOFF KKIICCKKBBAACCKK Kickback is a sudden reaction to a pinched, bound, or misaligned saw blade, causing an uncontrolled saw to lift up and out of the work piece toward the operator. When the blade is pinched or bound tightly by the kerf closing down, the blade stalls and the motor reaction drives the unit rapidly back toward the operator. If the blade becomes twisted or misaligned in the cut, the teeth at the back edge of the blade can dig into the top surface of the wood causing the blade to climb out of the kerf and jump back toward the operator. Kickback is the result of tool misuse and/or incorrect operating procedures or conditions and can be avoided by ...

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