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Инструкция по эксплуатации Black & Decker, модель VPX1101

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Note: The charger will not charge a battery pack if the pack temperature is below approximately 32°F (0°C) or above 122°F (50°C). The battery pack should be left in the charger and the charger will begin to charge automatically when the cell temperature warms up or cools down. 2. The charger and battery pack may become warm to touch while charging. This is a normal condition, and does not indicate a problem. To facilitate the cooling of the battery pack after use, avoid placing the charger or battery pack in a warm environment such as in a metal shed, or an uninsulated trailer. 3. If the battery pack does not charge properly: a. Check current at receptacle by plugging in a lamp or other appliance b. Check to see if receptacle is connected to a light switch which turns power off when you turn out the lights. c. Move charger and battery pack to a location where the surrounding air temperature is approximately 65°F - 75°F (18°C - 24°C). d. If charging problems persist, take the tool, battery pack and charger to your local service center. 4. The battery pack should be recharged when it fails to produce sufficient power on jobs which were easily done previously. DO NOT CONTINUE to use under these conditions. Follow the charging procedure. You may also charge a partially used pack whenever you desire with no adverse affect on the battery pack. 5. Foreign materials of a conductive nature such as, but not limited to, steel wool, aluminum foil, or any buildup of metallic particles should be kept away from charger cavities. Always unplug the charger from the power supply when there is no battery pack in the cavity. Unplug charger before attempting to clean. 6. Do not freeze or immerse charger in water or any other liquid.. WARNING: Shock hazard. Do not allow any liquid to get inside charger. CAUTION: Never attempt to open the battery pack for any reason. If the plastic housing of the battery pack breaks or cracks, return to a service center for recycling. TO MAXIMIZE BATTERY LIFE: 1. Remove the batteries from the charger after the charging is completed. 2. Store the batteries at room temperature or below. 3. Recharge discharged batteries within 1 week. Battery life will be greatly diminished if the battery sits too long after being discharged. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS WARNING: Always use proper eye protection that conforms to ANSI Z87.1 (CAN/CSAZ94.3) while operating this power tool. INSTALLING AND REMOVING THE BATTERY PACK (FIGURE D, E) CAUTION: Make certain the lock-off button is engaged to prevent switch actuation before removing or installing battery. Installing the battery pack: Insert the metal terminal end of the battery pack into the product until you hear the lock snap into place and the Black & Decker VPXTM logo shows through the window as shown in figure D. CAUTION: The battery can only be inserted in one direction. If the battery does not fit, remove and reverse the orientation. Do not force it. Removing the battery pack: Press the release button as shown in figure E and firmly pull the battery pack out of the handle. Insert the battery pack into the charger (figure B) as described in the charger section of this manual. TRIGGER SWITCH & REVERSING BUTTON (FIGURE F) • The tool is turned ON and OFF by pulling and releasing the trigger switch. 9 90519813 VPX1101 Screwdriver 7/11/07 8:47 AM Page 10 • A forward/reverse control button determines the direction of the tool and also serves as a lock off button. • To select forward rotation, release the trigger switch and depress the forward/reverse control button to the left. • To select reverse direction, depress the forward/reverse control button the opposite direction. Note: The center position of the control button locks the tool in the off position. When changing the position of the control button, be sure the trigger is released. To avoid screwdriver being turned on accidentally, put the forward/reverse button in the center, locked-off, position. HIGH/LOW SPEED SELECTOR (FIGURE G) The dual range feature of your tool allows you to shift gears for greater versatility. To select low speed, high torque setting (position 1), turn tool off and permit to stop. Slide gear shifter button to the left. To select the high speed, low torque setting (position 2), turn tool off and permit to stop. Slide gear shifter button to the right. NOTE: Do not change gears when tool is running. If you are having trouble changing gears, make sure that the dual range gear button is either completely pushed to the right or to the left. QUICK RELEASE COLLAR (FIGURE H) NOTE: The collar accepts 1/4" hex accessories only. To install a bit, pull the collar back and insert the bit into the collar until it locks into place. To remove a bit, pull the collar back. Remove the bit and release the collar. SCREW DRIVING For driving fasteners, the reversing button should be pushed to the left. Use reverse (button pushed to the right) for removing fasteners. When moving from forward to reverse, or vice v...

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