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Инструкция по эксплуатации Samsung, модель HT-KQ20

Производитель: Samsung
Размер: 5.48 mb
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• The Standby/On LED on the front panel of the METHOD 1 Composite Video ............... Good Quality Caution • When the wireless receiving module setting is complete, no audio signal is output from the Rear Speaker OUT ports on the back Press and hold VIDEO SEL. button on the remote control for over 5 seconds. • " COMPOSITE" or " RGB" will appear in the display. of the main unit. At this time, press the VIDEO SEL. button shortly to select between " COMPOSITE" and " RGB". • The wireless receiving antenna is built into the wireless receiver module. Keep the unit away from water and moisture. • If Scart (RGB Input) is equipped for your TV, press VIDEO SEL. button to select RGB mode. • For optimal listening performance, make sure that the area around the wireless receiver module location is clear of any obstruc- You can get a better picture quality by using Scart setting. tions. • If Scart (RGB Input) is not equipped for your TV, press VIDEO SEL. button to select COMPOSITE • Sound will be heard from the wireless rear speakers in DVD 5.1-CH or Dolby Pro Logic II mode only. • In 2-CH mode, no sound will be heard from the wireless rear speakers. mode. Note METHOD 3 Component (Progressive Scan) Video ............... Best Quality • Place the wireless receiver module at the rear of the listening position. If the wireless receiver module is too close to the main unit, some sound interruption may be heard due to interference. If your television is equipped with Component Video inputs, connect a component video • If you use a device such as a microwave oven, wireless LAN Card, Bluetooth equipment, or any other device that uses the same cable (not supplied) from the Pr, Pb and Y jacks on the back panel of the system to the cor frequency (2.4GHz) near the system, some sound interruption may be heard due to interference. responding jacks on your television. • The transmission distance of radio wave is about 10 feet, but may vary depending on your operating environment. If a steel-concrete wall or metallic wall is between the main unit and the wireless receiver module, the system may not operate at all, because the radio wave cannot penetrate metal. Note • When the Progressive scan mode is selected, the VIDEO output (Yellow) and SCART output does not output any signal. 15 16 P.SCAN(Progressive Function Unlike regular Interlace picture (odd scan lines, displayed in one pass) to create 1 Press STOP button. • If playing a disc, press the STOP button twice so that “ STOP”, appears on the display. 2 Press and hold P.SCAN button on the remote control for • Pressing and holding the button for over 5 seconds will Progressive Scan" and " Interlace Scan" alternately. • When you select P.SCAN, " P.SCAN" will appear on the display. • To set P.Scan mode for DivX discs, press the P.SCAN button on the remote control for more than 5 seconds with no disc in the unit (“' NO DISC" on the display), then load the DivX disc and play. What is Progressive (or Non-Interlaced) Scanning? Interlaced Scan (1 FRAME = 2 FIELDS) Progressive Scan (FULL FRAME) Note • This function works only on TVs equipped with component video inputs (Y, Pr, Pb) that support Progressive Video. (It does not work on TVs with conventional component inputs, i.e., non-progressive scan TVs.) • Depending on the capabilities of your TV, this function may not work. 17 In interlaced-scan video, a frame consists of two interlaced fields (odd and even), where each field contains every other horizontal line in the frame. The odd field of alternating lines is displayed first, and then the even field is displayed to fill in the alternating gaps left by the odd field to form a single frame. One frame, displayed every 1/30th of a second, contains two interfaced fields, thus a total of 60 fields are displayed every 1/60th of a second. The interlaced scanning method is intended for capturing a still object. The progressive scanning method scans one full frame of video consecutively down the screen, line by line. An entire image is drawn at one time, as opposed to the interlaced scanning process by which a video image is drawn in a series of passes. The progressive scanning method is desirable for dealing with moving objects. Connecting Connecting an External Analog Component Example: Analog signal components such as a VCR. GB CONNECTIONS Connect AUX (Audio) In on the Home Theater to Audio Out on the external analog compo- Audio Cable (not supplied) If the external analog component has only one Audio Out, connect either left or right. 1 nent. • Be sure to match connector colors. 2 Press AUX button on the remote control to select ‘AUX’ input. • You can also use the FUNCTION button on the main unit. The mode switches as follows: DVD/CD . AUX . USB . FM Note • You can connect the Video Output jack on your VCR to the TV, and connect the Audio Output jacks on the VCR to this product. 18 Connecting Antenna Before Your Home Your Home Theater is capable of playing and JPEG discs.Depending using, thes...

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