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Инструкция по эксплуатации Bose, модель uMusic + AM314482

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Then, you can: • Enjoy a wide selection of your collected music without sorting through a clutter of discs. • Hear continuous play of your stored music by pressing the Stored button. • Hear music that is similar to the track now playing by pressing the Encore button. • Hear the entire album that includes the track now playing by pressing the Whole CD button. • View your collection organized by genre, artist, album, or track by pressing the Library button. • Set up playlists (up to 9) with specific music for specific occasions. • Let the system pick the music you like as you listen to your personal uStation™ selections. 2 English Specific uMusic+ remote buttons Some buttons on your system remote work specifically with your stored music. These special buttons include: o o o o Em* -Vi. WW.CI LIFESTYLE® remote control ( ~ I * ) Rating O o o ° Encore rr' Whole CD CD # Playlist O o o o 3.2.1® system remote control English Storing a CD The first step in using the uMusic®+ system is to store some of your collected music. The system does not need to be on for this. 1. Open the disc tray on the media center. 2. Put the disc in and close the tray. 3. Press the Store button on the media center. ACCESSING GRACENOTE MEDIA DATABASE appears on the display for an Audio CD. When STORING appears on the lower right of the display, you can check the percentage completed. CD 47% STORED STORING 4. When you see AUDIO CD (or MP3 DISC) STORED, remove the disc. Note: While storing an MP3 disc, you may see additional messages (such as SKIPPED when a track on the disc is corrupt or incorrectly formatted) or DUPLICATE (if the same track is already in the system). Before copying audio material onto your computer or creating an MP3 CD, you should: •Make sure you have the legal right to copy the particular audio content; •Avoid sources of audio material that may be questionable, such as certain file sharing facilities; Getting Started Discs you can store There are two types of discs you can store. Audio CDs Commercially produced CDs are identified by music databases in the system. This data enables the uMusic+ system software to recognize, categorize, and make connections between songs. If the system does not recognize an album when you start to store it, DISC NOT RECOGNIZED appears on the media center display. You may prefer to remove the disc to cancel storing. Then, you can use music management software (like iTunes), on a computer connected to the Internet, to provide the album identity. Or, you can choose to store this unrecognized disc, then use the system Edit screen to add the identity. MP3s on CD or DVD MP3 tracks that are created on a computer usually include information (called ID3 tags), such as the artist and album for each track. MP3 tracks include this information when they are burned onto a CD, DVD, or DVD-R (not a DVD+R) and when the tracks are stored in the uMusic+ system. For details on MP3 preparation, refer to “More about compatible discs” on page 26. •Not use the copies or CDs as a means to share audio content with others, but confine such copying, where permissible, to your personal use. 3 Getting Started Reserving time for storing • For an Audio CD, allow about 10 minutes. For MP3s, estimate about 10 minutes for a disc of 25 tracks. • When BUSY PROCESSING CDS appears on the media center display, you need to wait before you store more music. Allow approximately one hour before you resume storing. • For 10 commercially produced CDs, it takes about 6 hours of processing time with the system turned off. For MP3 tracks, this processing is not necessary. • Using the system or having it turned on during processing lengthens the time needed. • Processing stops when your media center is unplugged, turned off at an outlet, or the power fails. Processing resumes when power is available again. • If storing takes much longer than expected, the disc may be marred or smudged. You can remove the disc and wipe it off as instructed in your Bose® owner’s guide. Then reinsert the disc and resume storing. A damaged or poor-quality disc can take 15 minutes or more to store. 4 English Keeping music data up to date Whenever you store a CD, the system refers to an internal music catalog for data about the CD. This data includes 30 different musical characteristics, such as style, tone, related artists, key influences, and musicians. This music catalog of data helps the uMusic®+ intelligent playback system work for you. So, whenever you buy a newly released CD, you want the music catalog to have the latest information about it. Bose periodically sends a free update disc to registered owners. You can use this disc to refresh the internal music catalog data. To receive your disc, it is important to mail your completed product registration card to Bose. If an Internet address is provided on your registration card, you can use it to register online. Note: If UNRECOGNIZED D...

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