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Инструкция по эксплуатации Liebherr, модель WU 56

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The temperature display will continue to flash until the cause of the alarm has been rectified. Additional Functions - Figures 9 - 12 In setup mode you can set the Childproof Lock, adjust the brightness of the display and choose the unit of temperature for the display in degrees Fahrenheit or degrees Celsius. The childproof lock is designed to protect the appliance from being switched off accidentally by children. Activating set-up mode: • Press the “Light“ button for approximately five seconds - the “Light“ button flashes - the display shows C for childproof lock. Note: the value to be altered flashes. Figure 9 • Select the required function by pressing the ./.(UP/DOWN) button: C = Childproof Lock, = brightness or = changing the temperature display. • Now select ON or OFF by pressing the “Light“ button briefly: For C = childproof lock, press the ./.(UP/ DOWN) button to select C 1 = childproof lock on or C 0 = childproof lock off and acknowledge with the “Light“ button. When the symbol is lit, the childproof lock is activated. Figure 10 Figure 13 WINE COOLER COMPARTMENT Additional Features Pull-out Racks - Figure 16 The pull-out racks allows bottles of wine to be viewed and removed more easily. Labels The appliance is supplied with a label holder with labels for each rack. Use these to label the type of wine stored on each shelf. Use a soft pencil on the labels so that you can erase it again when necessary. Additional labels can be obtained from your Liebherr Dealer or Distributor. Fitting: Click the label holder into place and slide the label in from the side. Figure 16 Interior Light - Figure 14 The light is located behind the cover in the top of the wine cooler compartment. The interior light can be turned on and off using the Light button. (Figure 14) The light button indicator is illuminated when the interior light is turned ON. Figure 14 Replacing the tube - Figure 15 To prevent possible injury due to an electrical shock, be sure to disconnect the power cord or turn OFF the circuit breaker before replacing the interior light tube or cleaning the appliance. To prevent possible injury due to broken glass, use hand protection when replacing the interior light tube. • Unscrew the cover panel. • Change the fluorescent tube. • Replace cover panel and screw into place. Figure 15 WINE COOLER COMPARTMENT Storage Diagram - Figure 18 It is possible to store up to 56 Bordeaux bottles of 750 ml each in your wine cooler. Figure 18 Air Exchange with Activated Charcoal Filter - Figure 17 The way in which wines continue to mature depends on the ambient conditions. The quality of the air is therefore decisive for preserving the wine. Your Liebherr wine cooler is equipped with an activated charcoal filter in the interior rear wall of both the upper and lower compartments. We recommend you replace the filter at least once a year. Filters can be obtained from your Liebherr Dealer or Distributor. Removing the filter: Hold the filter by the handle. Turn it 90° to the left or right and remove. Reinstalling the filter: Insert with the handle in a vertical position. Turn it 90° to the left or right until it clicks into place. 112 Figure 17 DEFROSTING/CLEANING Keep your stainless steel looking new by cleaning with a good quality stainless steel cleaner or polish monthly. High quality stainless steel cleaners and conditioners are commercially available. DO NOT CLEAN WITH STEEL WOOL PADS or ABRASIVE PADS. DO NOT use cleaners that are not for use on stainless steel, such as glass cleaners, tile cleaners or cleaners used to clean counter tops. These types of cleaners can damage the surface permanently. Stainless steel that is exposed to chlorine gas and moisture may have some discoloration. This discoloration is normal. If your unit is used in this environment, clean and polish your stainless steel more often. If the surface discolors or rusting appears, clean it quickly with a non-abrasive cloth and protect it. Always clean and polish in the direction of the grain and finish. IMPORTANT Mold can form on the bottles and labels depending on the type of adhesive used on the labels. This can be prevented by carefully cleaning any adhesive residues off the bottles. Defrosting The wine cooler compartment defrosts automatically. The water that forms on the rear wall drains into a reservoir at the back of the appliance and evaporates automatically through the compressor heat. Cleaning • To prevent possible injury due to an electrical shock, be sure to disconnect the power cord or turn OFF the circuit breaker before replacing the interior light tube or cleaning the appliance. • To avoid injury or damage, DO NOT use steam cleaning equipment to clean the appliance. Clean the appliance by hand with lukewarm water and a little detergent. DO NOT use abrasive or scouring sponges. DO NOT use concentrated cleaning agents. NEVER use abrasive or acid cleaners or chemical solvents or steam cleaners. • Ensure no cleaning water penetrates into the elect...

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