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Инструкция по эксплуатации Rosewill, модель RCX-Z775-LX

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Never switch on the computer system until the fan is connected on to the motherboard power connector. STEP 1 Pre-installation Remove the transparent cover ° \ Ensure that all four push-pins are turned in the opposite direction of the arrow (picture C). Place the cooler on the CPU aligning the push pins into the securing position on the motherboard ( Picture D and E). STEP 3 O Ensure the surface of the CPU die is perfectly clean. Hi-performance thermal interface compound has been preapplied to the heatsink and protected by a transparent plastic cover which must be removed prior to installation. STEP 2 Clip attachment Placing one hand on the cooler to hold it in position, use the other hand to secure the pins by pushing them down( Picture F) until a locking click is felt or heard from each one (secure the push-pins in a crosswise manner). Grey thermal grease user manual STEP 4 STEP 2 Connect the CPU cooler fan to the motherboard power connector marked CPU FAN. This connector is keyed so the power lead can only be installed one way. If a connector marked CPU FAN is not apparent on the board,check the motherboard manual for fan connection information. Uninstall Manual /l\ WARNING Improper Intallation will result in damage to the processor. Never switch on the computer system until the fan is connected on to the motherboard power connector. STEP 1 O Make sure the PC is turned off and disconnect the fan from motherboard power connector ( placing the PC in horizontal position is recommended). Turn the pins in the direction indicated by the arrows.( using a flat head screwdriver is recommended). STEP 3 Take off the cooler by lifting it up gently. If the cooler still seems to be secured, try to ease the pins by retracting each pin individually. Thank you for purchasing a quality Rosewill Product. Please register your product at: for complete warranty information and future support for your product....

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