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Инструкция по эксплуатации Meridian Audio, модель Microcassette Recorder

Производитель: Meridian Audio
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861v4, 861v3.5 and G68 share the same decoder modes and DSP presets. This is at the point in time where they incorporate THX UltraII Cinema and Dolby PLIIx. Basic Preset structure - why have we changed it? In older products a Preset was linked directly to a type of audio stream. E.g. “Digital” was a Preset for Dolby Digital multichannel streams only, “Dig THX” added THX extensions to the basic Dolby Digital mode. Adding extra processing modes, such as Dolby PLII and THX Surround EX, was beginning to make the range of options quite complicated - particularly in the GUI, where the user is presented with all of the possible options at once. For these reasons the processing performed in the 861 and G68 is split into two parts, the decoder and the mode. The mode is what the user sees as a ‘Preset’, the decoder is automatic and does not require any settings or adjustment. This presents a uniform set of options, based on how many channels of audio are actually on the source medium. DecoderSpeakersDolby Digital 2.0DTS 2.0MPEG 2.02-channel PCM2-channel analogueDirectMusicTrifieldAmbisonicsSuper StereoMusic LogicMonoTV LogicPLIIx MusicPLIIx MoviePLIIx THXDecoderSpeakersDolby Digital 5.1DTS 5.1MPEG 5.1Multichannel PCMMultichannel analogueDiscreteCinemaTHXPLIIx Mov6PLIIx Mus6THX EXTHX UltraIITHX Music The decoder mechanism. 861 and G68 both automatically select the decoder based on whatever stream is coming in, be it Dolby Digital, DTS, MPEG or PCM. The stream display exists in the same form as previous processors. E.g. “DVD AC3 3/2.1 48k” In this case the decoder part of the product will pass 6 channels of decoded audio to the surround processing section. The user is then presented with a range of Preset options for 6-channel audio. Similarly, if a DTS stream was presented on the input, the display shows: “DVD DTS 3/2.1 48k” But the user has the same choice of Presets as above. If the processor is connected to an 800 or G98 (in a standard setup, where the player is decoding the audio stream) then the stream display will show something like: “DVD PCM Movie6 48k” The user is presented with the same set of 6-channel Presets, even though the decoding has been performed elsewhere. If the decoder only detects two channels of audio then the range of Presets available will change to the two-channel set, which includes many familiar modes like “Trifield” and “TV Logic”. Note that this also applies for encoded two-channel streams, where the stream display would show, for example: “DVD AC3 2/0.0 48k” Digital inputs - Smart Link. 861v3 and 800v3 introduced the Smart Link protocol, whereby the player indicates to the processor how many channels of audio are on the disc it is playing, and what the original format is. This allows the user to set different Presets based on the type of disc in the player, e.g. “Trifield” for CD’s (2-channel music), “PLII Movie” for Dolby Digital 2.0 (2-channel movie), “Discrete” for DVD-A (6-channel music) and “THX” for Dolby Digital 5.1 (6-channel movie). The processor can apply the same rules to formats it decodes itself, and use the same four default Presets that Smart Link uses. This removes the need for an “enhanced” source to accept a multichannel input, and presents a consistent range of options to the user. So, all digital inputs have four default Preset settings, one each for: • Music2 • Movie2 • Music6 • Movie6 Analogue inputs. Analogue inputs have no way of distinguishing source material, so they default to assuming ‘Music’. The default Preset for Multichannel analogue inputs is stored in the ‘Music6’ slot; 2-channel inputs use the ‘Music2’ slot. Available presets. Not all presets are available all the time. This is generally done to improve the clarity of the user interface. This section describes those special cases. Ambisonics (UHJ & B format) and SuperStereo are only available if there are two or more surround speakers. ‘PLIIx Music’, ‘PLIIx THX’ and ‘PLIIx Movie’ revert to PLII variants if there aren’t four surrounds. Ambisonics (B format) is only available if the decoder says Music6. This is because Ambisonics would norm...

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