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Инструкция по эксплуатации SeaWorld, модель Baby Toy

Производитель: SeaWorld
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Remove screw to open battery compartment door. Phillips screwdriver needed. 2. Insert four (4) "C" alkaline batteries as shown. 3. Push the switch located in the rear of the base and test the light bulb. 4. If the bulb needs to be replaced, remove the screws holding the bulb guard in place. Take off the bulb guard. CAUTION: To avoid battery leakage, (1) Be sure to insert the batteries correctly and follow the toy and battery manufacturer's instructions. (2) Never mix old :*h new batteries, or standard 4^rbon-zinc) with alkaline atteries. (3) Always remove exhausted or dead batteries from the product. 5. Gently use a screwdriver to pry up the bulb. Replace with a PR12 bulb. Replace the bulb guard and screws. 6. Close the battery compartment door and replace the screw. backdrop on the package. 8. Place the backdrop in the slots on the base. 9. Fill the pool with water. The pool can be played with on or off the base. DO NOT SUBMERGE THE BASE IN WATER! 10. Slide the diving wheel onto the back of the pool as shown. 11. Place any two whales with the hole in their sides on the diving wheel's pegs. ÀfeïÉS 4 AND UP A WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD-Small parts. Mot for children under 3 years. 12. Turn the wheel and the whales dive into the water. pool so you can slide Baby Shamu™ into the water. DO NOT SUBMERGE BASE IN WATER 518676.00 14. The individual Sea World Stars™ piaysets slide into the base as shown. Turn on the base light to create a lightshow effect in all the attached piaysets. Move dorsal fin of Papa Shamu™ and he opens and closes his mouth. Sir Winston Walrus™ nods his head when you press down as shown and roll him forward. Squeeze the sides of Mama Namu™, place her head under water and release to fill her with water. Squeeze her again and she sprays out the water. Help tail-waving Baby Shamu™ wave "bye-bye" by pressing his dorsal fin forward and releasing to make his tail wave back and forth. Squeeze the sides of Dolly Dolphin™, place her mouth under water and release to fill with water. Playful Dolly sprays water out of her mouth when you give her a little squeeze. Place her on her perch and she twirls around in a "Water Walk' for her audience when you move the lever from side to side. Penny needs a little nudge towards Pete before he'll bend forward for a "kiss." Sea World, me Whale Logo and the Sea World Character Names are trademarks of Sea World, Inc. Sea World Character designs and shapes TM & 31995 Sea World. Inc. All Rights Reserved. *® & ©1995 TONKA CORPORATION, a subsidiary of Hasbro, inc.. Pawtucket. Rhode Island 02862. All Rights Reserved. MADE IN CHINA...

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