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Инструкция по эксплуатации CarAlarms.com, модель Squire 117

Производитель: CarAlarms.com
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Remove the unused pieces from the board. Make your first move. The object, as in regular chess, is to checkmate the opposing king. SET UP To change a piece’s color, remove it, add it, or move it to another square 1) Press SET UP and the display will show the position of the white king (or press SET UP and Piece Symbol for other pieces). 2) Press the piece to change the piece to black. 3) Press the piece again to remove the piece. 4) Press any legal square to place the piece elsewhere on the board. 5) Repeat above steps 2 and 3 as desired. 6) Press CLEAR to exit at anytime. Display Identifier: = white pieces = black pieces V E R I F Y 5 1) When it is your move, press VERIFY to check the position of the white queen. Press VERIFY again to check the position of the black queen. To exit press CLEAR. 2) Press VERIFY and the piece symbol to verify the position of the other pieces on the board. To exit press CLEAR. L E V E L The higher the time control (for the computer to think), the higher the strength. Combined with the 5 training mode levels, there are a total of 433 level setting combinations. The default is set to level 6 (=6 seconds average response time). Level 1=1 second; Level 72=124 Seconds; Level 73 = infinite search 1) Press LEVEL to display the current level. 2) Press LEVEL again to increase the level by one. 3) Press the MODE key to increase the level by ten. Press CLEAR to exit. On infinite level, the computer will search until it finds mate, until its search memory is exhausted, or until the MOVE key is pressed. Use this level for problem solving mode. TAKE BACK 1) Press TAKE BACK only when it is your turn to move. 2) Press the squares for the computer’s move in reverse order, as indicated in the display. 3) Press the squares for your move in reverse order, as indicated in the display. 4) Replace all captured pieces. MOVE 1) Press MOVE while waiting for the computer’s response to force the computer’s next move. 2) Press MOVE when it is your turn to move to switch sides with the computer. (The computer will move for you.) 6 3) Press NEW GAME and MOVE to play black pieces from the bottom of the board. M U L T I - M O V E 1) To start with White on bottom, computer’s move - press MULTIMOVE, play your choice for white, then black. Then press MULTIMOVE and then MOVE, and computer will continue to play for white. 2) To monitor two humans playing, press MULTI-MOVE. A colon (:) will appear in the display, and a beep will notify of any illegal moves. 3) To enter moves for both sides, press MULTI-MOVE. Press again to resume normal play (human vs. computer) H I N T When it is your move, press HINT for move suggestions (not available on some levels or during openings and certain positions). You may accept and make the move, or press CLEAR to enter a different move. Special Moves and Situations C a s t l e To enter the castling maneuver, move the King first (enter the moves by pressing the squares). Then move the Rook. There is no need to press the sq...

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