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Инструкция по эксплуатации Avent, модель ISIS iQ UNO

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Also holds all accessories listed here. 1 x ISIS iQ UNO Handheld Electronic Pump Please refer to the ‘Guide to Your Pump’ booklet for a detailed list of parts. 2 x Reusable Storage Containers (1 x 4oz & 1 x 9oz) Freezer and dishwasher safe. Express directly into these storage containers, which can also be used to feed milk. Just replace the sealing discs with AVENT Natural Shape Nipples. 1 x AVENT Natural Shape Nipple Includes dome cap and travel cover to keep the nipple sterile when on-the-go. 2 x Flexible Gel packs The gel packs must be placed in the freezer for at least 2 hours before each use. They are non-toxic and approved for use as described in this instruction booklet. They remain flexible after freezing and can be refrozen again and again. 1 x Travel Pouch Keeps the battery pack and wall plug cord neatly packed for easy storage and transport. 2 x AVENT Ultra Comfort Disposable Breast Pads Help protect your clothes against leakage during the day. 1. Getting Started Please take time to read the instruction booklet to familiarize yourself with your pump. It is important that you know exactly how your ISIS iQ UNO works. You should use the pump at home until you feel completely at ease, before beginning to use it outside the home. The ISIS iQ UNO Deluxe bag has been specially designed for you to discreetly express and store your breast milk, while away from your baby, then bring it home safely. You can maintain your milk supply by expressing at a time you would normally breast feed and continue to breast feed when you and your baby are together. Before using your ISIS iQ UNO breast pump and bag, please consult your doctor or lactation consultant regarding your breastfeeding and breast milk expression schedule. 2. How to Pack Before you go out, make sure your breast pump, storage containers and sealing discs are cleaned and sanitized.* The pump body and breast milk storage components are sterilizer and dishwasher safe. Always ensure your hands are clean before packing your breast pump into the bag, using the travel and funnel covers to keep the pump sterile and compact for travel, as shown. Do not attach containers to the pump. Fit the sealing discs into the screw rings and screw them onto the milk containers. Pack the milk containers in the insulated travel bag with the two frozen gel packs taken from the freezer. *‘Cleaning and Sanitizing Your ISIS iQ’ is on page 6 of the ISIS iQ UNO ‘Guide to Your Pump’ booklet. 3. On Arrival As soon as you arrive at your destination, put the gel packs in the freezer until you are ready to go home. The gel packs must be in the freezer 2 hours before use. When you are ready to express, you must wash your hands thoroughly and clean your breasts and nipples with a clean damp cloth. Remove the funnel and travel cover, screw the container onto the pump as shown in the instruction booklet. When you have finished pumping, unscrew the container from the pump body, seal with the screw ring fitted with its sealing disk, and place the container of expressed milk into the refrigerator immediately. Wash the pump body, replace the funnel and travel cover and place in the insulated bag. If you wish to use the pump again, you must resanitize. When you are ready to leave, take the container of breast milk from the refrigerator. Take the gel packs from the freezer compartment and place them inside the travel bag on top of the container. This will keep the milk cool during your journey home. Ensure containers are transported upright within the travel bag to prevent leaking. Please note: When removed from the freezer, two AVENT gel packs will keep either one 4oz or one 9oz container sufficiently chilled for up to 4 hours. In hot climates, avoid storing the bag containing expressed breast milk in a car, office, cabinet etc. Milk must be sufficiently chilled to avoid spoilage. 4. When You Return home As soon as you reach home, put the gel packs into the freezer and the expressed breast milk into the refrigerator or freezer. Milk can be stored for up to 48 hours (from first expression) in the refrigerator and up to three months in the freezer or 6 months in a zero-degree freezer. Always store breast milk in the back of the refrigerator or freezer, not in the door. You MUST correctly sanitize* your ISIS iQ UNO™ breast pump body and storage containers before each use. Cleaning Instructions: Clean the other pump parts every day with a soft damp cloth. *‘Cleaning and Sanitizing Your ISIS iQ’ is on page 6 of the ISIS iQ UNO ‘Guide to Your Pump’ booklet. Please note: Milk storage times vary based on collection and storage conditions. This storage information is only a suggestion. Please contact your doctor or lactation consultant about milk storage guidelines. For a complete catalog of the AVENT Natural Feeding System or for more information, call 1.800.54.AVENT or visit us at Exclusively Imported and Distributed by AVENT America, Inc. 475 Supreme Drive, Bensenville, IL 6010...

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