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Инструкция по эксплуатации Avent, модель Breast Pump

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M S Fewtrell, P Lucas et al. MRC Childhood Nutrition Research Centre, London. Pediatrics June 2001. † Randomized Study Comparing the Efficacy of a Novel Manual Breast Pump With a Mini-Electric Breast Pump in Mothers of Term Infants. M S Fewtrell, P Lucas et al. MRC Childhood Nutrition Research Centre, London. Journal of Human Lactation May 2001. THERMOS® is a registered trade name of “The Thermos Group of Companies” THERMOS® e un marchio registrato di “The Thermos Group of Companies” THERMOS® esta registrato di “The Thermos Group of Companies” THERMOS® e uma marca registada de “Thermos Group of Companies” AVENT®, Suffolk, CO10 7QS, England Tel. 44 1787 267 000 Fax. 44 1787 267 001 83 0081 0337 #1 E UK I P UK Instructions for use Instructions for use UK Pages 1-3 I Pagine 4-6 P Pagina 10-12 E Pagina 7-9 Please take the time to read the ISIS Breast Pump Instructions carefully. It is important that you know exactly how your ISIS Breast Pump works.You should use it at home until you feel completely at ease, before beginning to use it outside the home. HELPING MOTHERS BREAST FEED LONGER The AVENT ISIS Out and About Set allows you to express and store your breast milk while away from your baby and bring it home safely and discreetly. You can maintain your milk supply by expressing at a time you would normally breast feed and continue to breast feed when you and your baby are together. Before using your AVENT ISIS Out and About Set, please consult your Health Professional or Breastfeeding Advisor regarding your breast feeding and breast milk expression schedule. Contents: ISIS BREAST PUMP Clinically proven as effective as hospital electric* and battery† pumps.The patented petal massage cushion is designed to naturally imitate your baby suckling at the breast and stimulate let down. INSULATED SHOULDER BAG Specially designed by AVENT® and Thermos®, this stylish and discreet bag will keep your breast milk cool for up to 6 hours with the help of the cool packs provided. 4 BREAST MILK STORAGE CONTAINERS 2 AVENT 4 oz / 125 ml and 2 AVENT 9 oz / 260 ml breast milk containers – freezer and dishwasher safe.They attach to the ISIS Breast Pump and can also be used to feed your baby your expressed milk by replacing the sealing discs with AVENT teats. 2 newborn teats are included, as they are most suitable when combining breast and bottle feeding. (Slow, medium, fast and variable flow available separately).All AVENT bottles (including the Disposable System) can be attached to the ISIS Breast Pump. 1UK FLEXIBLE COOL PACKS The cool packs MUST BE PLACED IN THE FREEZER FOR AT LEAST 2 HOURS BEFORE EACH USE.They are non-toxic and approved for use as described.They remain flexible after freezing and can be refrozen again and again. ULTRA COMFORT DISPOSABLE BREAST PADS Help protect your clothes against leakage during the day. BEFORE YOU LEAVE HOME Before you go out, make sure your ISIS Breast Pump, breast milk containers and sealing discs are washed and sterilised.With clean hands, assemble your ISIS Breast Pump as shown in the ISIS Breast Pump Instructions Leaflet, using the travel and funnel covers to keep the pump sterile and compact for travel. Do not attach bottles to the pump. Fit the sealing discs into the locking rings and screw them onto the bottles. Pack the Insulated Bag, as shown below, with the two frozen cool packs taken from the freezer.The velcro strap will keep the pump in position with the handle held against the pump body. THERMOS INSULATED BAG All materials conform with FDA & UK SI:3145 regulations. Wipe clean only. Do not immerse in water. Made in China. UK ON ARRIVAL As soon as you arrive at your destination, put the cool packs in the freezer compartment of a refrigerator until you are ready to go home. When you are ready to express, you must wash your hands thoroughly and clean your breasts and nipples with a clean damp cloth. Remove the funnel and travel covers and screw the breast milk containers onto the pump. As you fill each one, unscrew it from the pump body and seal it with the locking ring fitted with its sealing disc. When you have emptied both breasts, wash the Breast Pump, replace the funnel and travel covers and place in the Insulated Bag. If you wish to use the pump again,please re-sterilise.The containers of expressed milk should be put into the refrigerator immediately in the plastic bag supplied. When you are ready to leave, take the containers of breast milk from the refrigerator and pack them in the Insulated Bag as before.Take the cool packs from the freezer compartment and place them against the containers to keep the milk cool during your journey home. Close the bag completely. NB: Once removed from the freezer, the AVENT Cool Packs will keep the Insulated Bag sufficiently chilled for up to 6 hours. Should you need to store your milk for longer, and you do not have access to a refrigerator, you will need to purchase 7 fl oz / 200 gms of extra cool packs.This will enable milk to be stored for...

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