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Инструкция по эксплуатации Fisher-Price, модель TREEHOUSE 75972

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Please save these instructions for future reference. Adult assembly is required. No tools needed for assembly. Weight Limit: 300 lbs. The Fisher-Price® Backyard Treehouse™ is designed to easily attach to other Fisher-Price® outdoor playsets equipped with a connecting feature. Do not attach other manufacturer’s playsets to this Fisher-Price® product. Ages: 11/2 to 6 years. Falls onto hard surfaces could result in head or other serious injuries. Never put on concrete, asphalt, wood, packed earth or any other hard surface. Carpet over hard floors may not prevent injury. WARNING Please keep small parts and plastic bags out of children’s reach. Dispose of plastic bags properly. CAUTION Please keep small parts and plastic bags out of children’s reach. Dispose of plastic bags properly. CAUTION Important Safety Information • Do not climb on the Backyard Treehouse™ until it has been properly assembled by an adult. • Only five children should use the Backyard Treehouse™ at one time. • The total weight limit for the Backyard Treehouse™ is 300 lbs. • As with any climbing equipment, adult supervision is essential to ensure that children play safely. • Be sure children are dressed appropriately to avoid potential hazards while using the Backyard Treehouse™. Children should not wear loose clothing such as ponchos or scarves. Attire should include well-fitting shoes. • Do not climb on the Backyard Treehouse™ when it is wet. • Do not use the Backyard Treehouse™ in a manner that is unintended. • Do not attach other manufacturer’s playsets to this Fisher-Price® product. 2 Placement and Play Area Surfacing Before assembling this product, select and prepare a play area. Select a Play Area Select an area on level ground at least 6 feet from any structure or obstruction such as a fence, garage, house, overhanging branches, washing lines or electrical lines. Prepare a Surface Following are guidelines from the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Handbook for Public Playground Safety to minimize injuries that can result from falls. These guidelines apply to playground equipment including but not limited to swing sets and climbing equipment. Hard surfacing materials are not suitable for use under this equipment. Earth surfaces such as soils and hard packed dirt are also not recommended because their shock absorbing properties can vary depending on climatic conditions such as moisture and temperature. Grass and turf are not recommended because their effectiveness in absorbing shock during a fall can be reduced considerably due to wear and environmental conditions. Acceptable surfacing materials are available in two basic types: loose-fill and unitary. Loose-fill materials can have acceptable shock absorbing properties when installed at a sufficient uncompressed depth of at least 6 inches. These materials include sand (fine and coarse), gravel (fine and medium) and shredded wood products (wood mulch, shredded bark, wood chips). Loose-fills should not be installed over hard surfaces such as asphalt or concrete. The depth of any loose-fill material could be reduced during use resulting in different shock-absorbing characteristics. For this reason, a depth greater than the minimum recommended should be considered. Unitary materials are generally rubber mats or a combination of rubber-like materials held in place by a binder that may be poured in place at the playground site and cures to form a unitary shock absorbing surface. Maintenance Periodically check to be sure equipment has adequate protective surfacing under and around it. Inspect surfacing material for deterioration. Check loose surfacing material for foreign objects or debris. Also look for compaction and reduced depth, with special attention to heavy use areas such as those under swings and slide exit regions. Message to Parents Thank you for purchasing the Fisher-Price® Backyard Treehouse™. The Backyard Treehouse™ should be assembled by an adult, preferably by two adults. Please read these instructions carefully and identify all parts before assembly. Refer to the parts illustration on the next page for identification. Questions? We’d like to hear from you! Call Fisher-Price® Consumer Affairs, toll-free at 1-800-432-KIDS, 8 AM - 6 PM EST Monday through Friday. Hearing- impaired consumers using TTY/TDD equipment, please call 1-800-382-7470. Or, write to: Fisher-Price® Consumer Affairs, 636 Girard Avenue, East Aurora, New York 14052. 3 Parts If you experience a problem with this product, or are missing a part, please call us at 1-800-432-KIDS, rather than return this product to the store. Fisher-Price Left Roof Wall Panel Mailbox Door Safe Door Ramp Platform Back Panel Table Top Ladder Panel Front Trunk Panel Tree Top Shutter- 2 Right Roof Phone Not Shown: Vinyl Label - 2 Box of Chalk • Please save all packaging material until assembly is complete to ensure that no parts are discarded. • Before assembling the Backyard Treehouse™, please wipe each part with a clean, dry cloth. 4...

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