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Инструкция по эксплуатации Sunrise Medical, модель Quick Fit

Производитель: Sunrise Medical
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It is available with head support and can be felt lined for additional comfort. It comes in five sizes, paediatric, small, medium, large and extra large. For extra comfort we would recommend the use of the extension bar as shown. ADDITIONAL SLINGS ARE AVAILABLE TO SUIT INDIVIDUAL NEEDS. YOU ARE ADVISED THAT YOU SHOULD ALWAYS SEEK THE ADVICE OF AN AUTHORISED DEALER BEFORE PURCHASING. WE WILL BE PLEASED TO ADVISE YOU AS TO YOUR NEAREST AUTHORISED DEALER. ^1 SUNRISE /& MEDICAL /J> Part no. 374-90006 / V Rev A / HOW TO FIT FROM SEATED POSITION Ensure the hand grips and seams are on the outside and feed the sling down the back of the client, leaving the top of the commode aperture at the base of the spine. Check the sling is square at the shoulders. Pass strap C up through strap B then repeat for other leg using strap D through strap A. Bring the longest leg piece stiffener forward so that it is parallel with the long bone of the thigh. Ensuring that the leg piece is not twisted, take the shortest leg piece stiffener under and up between the legs. Repeat this procedure for the other leg. Cross strap A through strap B. Check the sling is smooth under the and the position is comfortable. Move the hoist into position and attach the leg straps at the penultimate loop. Raise the hoist and attach the short loops at the shoulder to maintain an upright sitting position. The hoist may move towards the client as you do this. When reseating the client, the hand grips may be used to ensure good posture. GOLDEN RULE: LONG IN THE LEG, SHORT IN THE SHOULDER Part no. 374-90006 Rev A ALTERNATIVE SEATED POSITION For closed leg positions, straps may be crossed under both legs and attached as shown. Ensure that you attach the leg straps C and D to the hoist passing them through straps A and B. This can provide additional comfort and can be used for some amputees. The longer you attach the shoulder straps, the more reclined the client will be. HOW TO FIT FROM LYING POSITION Draw sheet roll the client onto the sling, ensuring The longer you attach the shoulder straps, the that the top of the commode aperture is at the more reclined the client will be. base of the spine. ENSURE THAT YOUR CLIENT’S HEAD IS SUPPORTED AT ALL TIMES Part no. 374-90006 Rev A QUICKFIT PADDED SLING TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS STANDARD POLYESTER BS 5827 CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMITY QUAD I51 ISSUE 1 SAFE WORKING LOAD 460lbs / 210kg Each sling is marked with the following colour coded symbols, four of which will be crossed. Your sling is the uncrossed size, i.e. in this example Small (Red). * size, i.e. in tnis example smaii @Rea;. PAEDIATRIC SMALL (Brown) (Red) MEDIUM (Yellow) LARGE (Green) EXTRA LARGE (Blue) WASHING INSTRUCTIONS Each sling Is marked with the following washing Instructions: DO NOT WASH WITH BLEACH Bleach will damage material. Slings can suffer damage during washing and drying. Check sling before each use. Bleached, torn, cut, frayed or broken slings are unsafe and could result in serious injury or death to patient. Destroy and discard worn slings. Do not alter slings. Machine wash warm. Cool tumble dry, air dry or dry at very low temperature. ORDER CODE US UK PAEDIATRIC (BROWN) NA SL 1002P (Polyester) SMALL (RED) NA SL 1000P (Polyester) MEDIUM (YELLOW) NA SL 1003P (Polyester) LARGE (GREEN) NA SL 1006P (Polyester) EXTRA LARGE (BLUE) NA SL 1008P (Polyester) m SUNRISE MEDIC7NL Sunrise Medical Inc. 7477 East Dry Creek Parkway Longmont CO 80503. USA Tel: (303) 218 4600 (800) 333 4000 Sunrise Medical Limited High Street Wollaston West Midlands DY8 4PS England Tel: 01384 44 66 88 Fax: 01384 44 66 99 Part no. 374-90006 Rev A...

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