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Инструкция по эксплуатации Manitowoc Ice, модель K00334

Производитель: Manitowoc Ice
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The thumbscrews should be used to lock the shelf pilasters in place at the top of the cabinet. 4. (Use steps 4 and 5, when installing on top half.) Install your precut wire shelf pilasters to the bottom half of the cabinet first. 5. Install your tray slide pilasters using the bottom slotted holes on the pilaster, as shown in Fig. 4. Press in and down to lock into place. Use the thumbscrews to lock into place. 6. When installing a full cabinet door of tray slides, always start with the bottom and work up, making sure the top and bottom pilasters are flush where they meet. 7. Hang tray slides on tray slide pilaster with tap openings facing down (see Fig. 1). Insert shelf clips at desired levels. There should be no less than a minimum of 9” between the top wire rack or tray slide and evaporator drain pan. NOTE: The 2-door kit is K00334. When installing this kit, the notched pilaster goes around the drain tube on the top back wall. The foam tape should be installed between the tray slide pilaster (on the pilaster) and the back wall of the cabinet (see Fig. 2). Mounting Stud —......... Cabinet 3 Foam Tape Drain Tube Fig. 1 Tray Slide "Tray Slide Pilaster Mounting Stud ' Bottom Half 0 Inside Set of Slots are used for Left/Right Front Corner Location □ } 0 □ } 0 □ > Ö □ } 0 □ □ □ □ I 0 □ ) 0 □ 1 0 Fig. 2 Fig. 3 Bottom Half Mounting Stud Top Half Fig. 4 Top Half 8010553 Sheet 2 of 2 Rev. 04/01/99...

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