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Инструкция по эксплуатации Cambridge Audio, модель SONATA CD30

Производитель: Cambridge Audio
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Фото и характеристики  Cambridge Audio  SONATA CD30
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This means that you do not need to press the CD button to access CD30 control. Hold down the CD button whilst inserting the batteries to lock the remote to CD30 control mode. To restore the default mode, remove the batteries and allow five minutes before re-inserting them. Standby/On Switches the unit between Standby and On mode. 0-9 numeric buttons The functions of these buttons differ depending on source mode selected: Tuner (AR30/DR30) mode – Press to recall a preset. Press and hold to store a preset. MP3AuxDVDCDTunerVolVolBandiSelectRemainRepeatTrackRepeatAll CD mode – Press the number of the desired track. Playback will start from the beginning of the track. Skip/Scan Use for skipping between tracks during playback or to scroll through available stations in DAB/FM mode. These buttons are also used to select features in the menus. For more information refer to 'operating instructions'. Numerical select To select a number greater than ten, press -/-- once followed by the second digit (e.g to select 15 press -/-- followed by 5). To select a number greater than 20, press -/-twice followed by the second digit (e.g. to select 23 press -/-- twice followed by 3). Brightness Switches the display brightness between bright and dim. Remain, Repeat Track, Repeat All See 'Operating instructions' section of this manual for information on the functions of these buttons. Play/Pause Plays and pauses playback. Stop/Back Press to stop CD playback and also works as Back button. Random/Shuffle Press to turn random/shuffle CD function on and off. ENGLISH Source buttons (CD, DVD, Aux, Tuner, MP3) Press relevant source button to select desired input source. The following buttons access features on the matching AR30/DR30 2-channel receivers. Mute Mutes the audio on the unit. Press again to cancel mute. Band Switches the unit between FM and AM bands (AR30) or DAB and FM (DR30). Volume Increase or decrease the volume of the unit. Navigation To navigate around presets, press the directional arrows or . Select Press to accept the item/function highlighted in the display menu. Alarm/Clock Press to access the alarm and sleep menu. Press and hold to access the clock menu. Press again to exit out of the menu. Refer to the 'Operation instructions' section of your Sonata AR30/DR30 manual for more information. Info Displays information such as music type and station provider. The information on the FM band is dependent on the strength of the signal. CD30 Operating instructions Loading and unloading discs 1. Press the Standby/On switch, if it is necessary to turn the unit on. Note: Ensure you have pressed the CD on the multi-function remote to select CD control mode. 2. Press the Stop/Eject button to open the disc tray. When the disc tray has opened fully, place a disc carefully in the tray with the printed side facing up. 3. To close the disc tray, press the Stop/Eject button again. When the tray, with a correctly loaded disc, is fully closed the CD player will read the disc and display the content information. Number of Total length of ablum tracks 11 Operating instructions (continued) The disc tray can be opened at any time by pressing the Stop/Eject button. If the disc is playing, press Stop/Eject first to stop playback and then press again to eject the disc. Only remove the disc after the tray has fully opened. Note: -Do not put anything except a Compact Disc into the tray, foreign objects may damagethe mechanism. - Do not force the tray by hand during the opening and closing operations. - To avoid dirt and dust entering the mechanism, keep the disc tray closed. -If the Compact Disc is seriously scratched or too dirty the player may not be able toread it or play it. - Never load more than one disc into the disc tray at one time. Normal disc play This unit has been designed to play compact discs, recordable CDs (CD-R) and re-writable CDs (CD-RW) bearing the identification logo shown here. No other discs can be used. Any CD-R/CD-RW discs should contain properly recorded TOC (Table of Contents) information so that they can be played back. This unit can play only the discs recorded in the CD-DA format designed for music reproduction. Do not attempt to play a disc containing other data, such as a CD-ROM for PCs with mp3 or WMA files, on this unit. 4. Switch on your amplifier and set its input selector to the correct position. Adjust the volume control to a desired level. 5. To begin playback, press Play/Pause. After a short pause, playback will begin. When the last track has finished playing, the display will return to Table of Contents (TOC). 6. To stop the disc at any point, press the Stop/Eject button. Pressing the Play/Pause button while the disc is playing will pause the disc and the track time will flash on the display. Playback can be resumed by pressing Play/Pause again. Locating a specific track during playback 1. A single short press of the • button will take you to the beginning of the next track on the CD. Repeat as necessary....

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