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Инструкция по эксплуатации Barbie, модель TUNE BLOSSOM BAR100

Производитель: Barbie
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SURPRISE! Your GEMSTONE FUN button is really a secret EQ (Equalizer) button. You can now set your CD player to: Pop, Rock, Surround or Normal. 15 CARE AND MAINTENANCE CARE AND MAINTENANCE Caring for Compact Discs • Treat the compact disc carefully. Handle the compact disc only by its edges. Never allow your fingers to come in contact with the shiny, unprinted side of the compact disc. • Do not attach adhesive tape, stickers, etc. to the compact disc label. • Clean the compact disc periodically with a soft, lint- free, dry cloth. Never use detergents or abrasive cleaners to clean the compact disc. If necessary, use a CD cleaning kit. • If a disc skips or gets stuck on a section of the compact disc, it is probably dirty or damaged (scratched). • When cleaning the compact disc, wipe in straight lines from the center of the compact disc to the outer edge of the compact disc. Never wipe in circular motions. • This unit is designed to play only compact discs bearing the identification logo as shown here. Other discs may not conform to the CD standard and may not play properly. • Compact Discs should be stored in their cases after each use to avoid damage. • Do not expose compact discs to direct sunlight, high humidity, high temperatures or dust, etc. Prolonged exposure or extreme temperatures can warp the compact disc. • Do not stick or write anything on either side of the compact disc. Sharp writing instruments, or the ink, may damage the surface. Cleaning the Unit • To prevent fire or shock hazard, disconnect your unit from the AC adapter when cleaning. • The finish on your unit may be cleaned with a dust cloth and cared for as other furniture. Use caution when cleaning and wiping the plastic parts. • Mild soap and a damp cloth may be used on the front panel. 16 TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE If you experience a problem with this unit, check the chart below before calling for service. SYMPTOM CAUSE SOLUTION Unit will not turn on. Weak or dead batteries. Replace batteries. Batteries not inserted correctly. Insert correctly. AC adapter not connected. Check AC adapter connection. Disc will not play. CD compartment not closed. Close CD compartment. Disc inserted incorrectly. Reinsert disc correctly. HOLD switch is set to ON. Slide HOLD switch to OFF. Dirty or defective disc. Try another disc. Moisture condensation on disc. Wipe disc with soft cloth. No sound from headphones. Headphone plug not inserted correctly. Reinsert headphone plug correctly. VOLUME control set to minimum. Increase volume. Weak batteries. Replace batteries. Defective disc. Try another disc. Erratic playback. Dirty or defective disc. Clean or replace disc. 17 EMERSON RADIO CORP. LIMITED WARRANTY (Valid in the United States) Emerson Radio Corp. warrants manufacturing defects in original material, including original parts and workmanship, under normal use and conditions, for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of original purchase in the U.S. With your dated proof of purchase, we will provide repair service at no charge for labor and parts at an authorized Depot Repair Facility, or replace the product in our discretion. For repair or replacement, pack your unit in a padded box, enclose your check or money order payable to Emerson Radio Corp. in the amount of $9.00 (not required by California residents) to cover shipping and handling costs, and enclose a copy of your proof of purchase. Send your unit to: Emerson Radio Corp. 5101 Statesman Drive Irving, TX 75063 This warranty does not cover damage from negligence, misuse, abuse, accident, failure to follow operating instructions, commercial use, rental, repairs by an unauthorized facility, or products purchased, used, serviced or damaged outside of the United States. THIS WARRANTY GIVES YOU SPECIFIC LEGAL RIGHTS, AND YOU MAY ALSO HAVE OTHER RIGHTS WHICH VARY FROM STATE TO STATE. AU898M The serial number of your system is located on a label on the bottom cabinet. Please take a moment now to locate the serial number and write the number in the space provided below. You may be asked to provide this number when calling for product service. Model Number: BAR100 Serial Number: __________________________________________ 18 ® EMERSONWARRANTY (Valid in Canada) Consumer Electronics, Home Appliances and Home Office Products ® Thank you for choosing EMERSON! SYNNEX Canada Limited gives the following express warranty to the original consumer purchaser or gift recipient for this EMERSON product, when shipped in its original container and sold or distributed in Canada by SYNNEX Canada Limited or by an Authorized EMERSON Dealer: SYNNEX Canada Limited warrants that this product is free, under normal use and maintenance, from any defects in material and workmanship. If any such defects should be found in this product within the applicable warranty period, SYNNEX Canada Limited shall, at its option, repair or replace the product as specified herein. Replacement parts furnished in connection with this warranty shall be ...

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