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Инструкция по эксплуатации Kambrook, модель KB815B

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when in use. At Kambrook we believe that the safe Do not let the cord hang over the edge of performance of our products is the first a table or counter, touch hot surfaces or priority in any consumer product so that become knotted. you, our valued customer, can confidently Do not place on or near a hot gas burner, use and trust our products. electric element, or in a heated oven. We ask that any electrical appliance you This appliance is suitable for domestic use use be operated in a sensible fashion with only. Do not use this appliance for due care and attention placed on the anything other than its intended use. following important operating instructions: Do not use outdoors. Read all instructions thoroughly before The installation of a residual current activating the appliance and retain them device (safety switch) is recommended to for future reference. provide additional safety protection when using electrical appliances. It is advisable Ensure that the power source used is the that a safety switch with a rated residual same as the voltage requirements of the operating current not exceeding 30mA be appliance. installed in the electrical circuit supplying Always use the Reflections Classic Blender the appliance. See your electrician for on a dry level surface. professional advice. Switch off at the power outlet and then Regularly inspect the supply cord, plug and unplug the appliance when not in use and actual appliance for any damage. If before cleaning. damaged is found in any way, immediately Never immerse the power cord, plug or cease use of the appliance and return the appliance in water or any other liquid. entire appliance to the nearest authorised Kambrook Service centre for examination, Do not touch hot surfaces, use the handle repair or replacement. only. Please call 1800 800 634 for Service Do not operate blender continuously on Centre details. heavy loads for more than 1 minute. 1 Powerful 500 watt motor 5 Silicon ring and stainless steel housing This appliance is not intended for use by 6 Mixing Jug young children or infirm persons without 2 Dial switch 7 Lid supervision. 3 Base plate 8 Feeder cap Young children should be supervised to 4 Cord storage ensure that they do not play with the appliance. 2 223 USING YOUR KAMBROOK REFLECTIONS CLASSIC BLENDER You’ll find the blender excellent for: Chopping and pureeing Grating hard and medium soft cheeses Crumbing bread Whipping cream Chopping shelled nuts or chocolate chips Blending frozen fruit drinks Aerating ice drinks Preparing sauces Making soups Blending salad dressings Making mayonnaise and salad dressings Crushing ice Making frozen sorbets and yoghurts. ADDING INGREDIENTS Put ingredients to be blended into the container and put the lid on. Be sure lid fits securely before starting to blend. Add liquid ingredients first, unless recipe specifies differently. Cut solid ingredients into small cubes (about 25mm (1”) square) before adding to the blender. If mixing hard and soft foods together, begin with the hard foods, blend for a few seconds and then add soft foods. Continue blending until you have an even texture. To add ingredients during blending, remove the feeder cap on the lid and drop solid ingredients or pour liquids through the lid opening. Use a container with a pouring lip, like a measuring cup, when adding liquids, especially hot liquids. REGULAR BLENDING 1.Always check the container/blender assembly is securely fastened before turning the blender on. 2. Move switch from OFF, to LOW or HIGH speed, depending upon recipe instructions. 3. Select LOW speed for thin, liquid ingredients. 4. Select HIGH speed for blending ingredients of heavier consistency. 5.Allow blender to run at selected until blending is finished or until you move the switch to another speed to the OFF position. 6.Turn blender off and wait until blades have stopped rotating before removing container from base. 7. Never put your hand in the container when blender is on, or connected to the electrical supply. BLENDING HOT INGREDIENTS 1. Put no more that 200ml (1 cup) of hot ingredients into container before starting to blend.When blending starts, slowly add up an additional 300ml (11.4 cups) of hot ingredients through the feeder cap, if needed. 2.Always have the opened lid facing away from you. 3. Start on LOW speed and move control to HIGH, if recipe calls for high speed. 4. Do not stand over blender when adding hot ingredients or while blender is running, 4 PULSE CHOPPING 1. For quick burst of chopping action move control to burst of power. 2. Hold at this setting until desired blending is achieved. Release and control will return to the OFF position. CRUSHING ICE 1. Put 3 or 4 cubes in container and cover. Holding lid with one hand, repeatedly move control to ON until ice forms into a snowy-textured consistency. Put ice in serving glasses and pour syrup or drink ingredients over the crushed ice to make slushes, summer drinks or frozen ices. 2.To make chopped ice,add...

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