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Инструкция по эксплуатации Yard Machines, модель MTD1840AVCC

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Press STOP switch down to stop engine Figure 5-4A. NOTE: For emergency stopping, simply activate CHAIN BRAKE® and move STOP switch down. INERTIA CHAIN BRAKE® ACTION : NOTE: THIS SAW IS EQUIPPED WITH AN INERTIA CHAIN BRAKE.IF THE SAW KICKS BACK WHILE IN USE, THE INERTIA OF THE MOVING SAW WILL ACTIVATE THE BRAKE. A BRAKE BAND AROUND THE CLUTCH DRUM ACTIVATES AND STOPS THE MOVING CHAIN. 5-5.CHAIN BRAKE® OPERATIONAL TEST Test the CHAIN BRAKE® periodically to ensure proper function. Perform a CHAIN BRAKE® test prior to initial cutting, following extensive cutting, and definitely following any CHAIN BRAKE® service. TEST CHAIN BRAKE® AS FOLLOWS: 1. Place saw on a clear, firm, flat surface. 2. Start engine. 3. Grasp the rear handle (A) with your right hand (Figure 5-5A). 4. With your left hand, hold the front handle (B) [not CHAIN BRAKE® lever (C)] firmly (Figure 5-5A). 5. Squeeze the throttle trigger to 1/3 throttle, then immediately activate the CHAIN BRAKE® lever (C) (Figure 55A). WARNING Activate the CHAIN BRAKE® slowly and deliberately. Keep the chain from touching anything; don’t let the saw tip forward. 6. Chain should stop abruptly. When it does, immediately release the throttle trigger. WARNING If chain does not stop, turn engine off and take your unit to the nearest Authorized Service Center for service. 7. If CHAIN BRAKE® functions properly, turn the engine off and return the CHAIN BRAKE® to the DISENGAGED position. 5-5A A CB 5-6.SAW CHAIN / BAR LUBRICATION Adequate lubrication of the saw chain is essential at all times to minimize friction with the guide bar. Never starve the bar and chain of oil. Running the saw with too little oil will decrease cutting efficiency, shorten saw chain life, cause rapid dulling of chain, and cause excessive wear of bar from overheating. Too little oil is evidenced by smoke, bar discoloration or pitch build-up. NOTE: Saw chain stretches during use, particularly when it is new, and it will occasionally be necessary to adjust and tighten it. New chain will require adjustment after about 5 minutes of operation. 5-7.AUTOMATIC OILER Your chain saw is equipped with an automatic clutch driven oiler system. The oiler automatically delivers the proper amount of oil to the bar and chain. As the engine speed increases, so does the oil flow to the bar pad. There is no flow adjustment. The oil reservoir will run out at approximately the same time as the fuel supply runs out. 11 6 - GENERAL CUTTING INSTRUCTIONS 6 - GENERAL CUTTING INSTRUCTIONS 6-1.FELLING the bar or chain (H) in the cut. Wedges also control Felling is the term for cutting down a tree. Small trees up to 6-7 inches (15-18cm) in diameter are usually cut in a single cut. Larger trees require notch cuts. Notch cuts determine the direction the tree will fall. FELLING A TREE: WARNING A retreat path (A) should be planned and cleared as necessary before cuts are started. The retreat path should extend back and diagonally to the rear of the expected line of fall, as illustrated in Figure 6-1A. CAUTION If felling a tree on sloping ground, the chain saw operator should keep on the uphill side of the terrain, as the tree is likely to roll or slide downhill after it is felled. NOTE: Direction of fall (B) is controlled by the notching cut. Before any cuts are made, consider the location of larger branches and natural lean of the tree to determine the way the tree will fall. WARNING Do not cut down a tree during high or changing winds or if there is a danger to property. Consult a tree professional. Do not cut down a tree if there is a danger of striking utility wires; notify the utility company before making any cuts. GENERAL GUIDELINES FOR FELLING TREES: Normally felling consists of 2 main cutting operations, notching (C) and making the felling cut (D). Start making the upper notch cut (C) on the side of the tree facing the felling direction (E). Be sure you don t make the lower cut too deep into the trunk. The notch (C) should be deep enough to create a hinge (F) of sufficient width and strength. The notch should be wide enough to direct the fall of the tree for as long as possible. WARNING Never walk in front of a tree that has been notched. Make the felling cut (D) from the other side of the tree and 1.5 - 2.0 inches (3-5 cm) above the edge of the notch (C) (Figure 6-1B). Never saw completely through the trunk. Always leave a hinge. The hinge guides the tree. If the trunk is completely cut through, control over the felling direction is lost. Insert a wedge or felling lever in the cut well before the tree becomes unstable and starts to move. This will prevent the guidebar from binding in the felling cut if you have misjudged the falling direction. Make sure no bystanders have entered the range of the falling tree before you push it over. WARNING Before making the final cut, always recheck the area for bystanders, animals or obstacles. FELLING CUT: 1. Use wooden or plastic wedges (G) to prevent binding felling (Figure 6-1C). 2. When...

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